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Project Description Owner Last Change Actions
2048.git 2048 game ( with timer (Javascript/HTML) Razvan Stanga
node-red-contrib-jquerify.git A Node-RED node that uses jQuery in a JavaScript function block to run against the messages being received by the node. Razvan Stanga
node-red-contrib-web-watch.git A Node-RED node that watches for changes on webpages. Razvan Stanga
anyfivecardpokerhand.git A mini app to generate all possible unique combinations of five cards and store them in a database. The application exposes an interface which can search by type of card combinations (three pieces, two pair, one pair, four of a kind, nothing) or a card (eg jack of spades). Demo (PHP/mySQL/jQuery) Razvan Stanga
bb-8-esp8266-arduino.git BB-8 ESP8266/TouchOSC/Arduino WiFI Robot Remote Control for Arduino (C/C++) Razvan Stanga
http-memcache-proxy.git Caching HTTP Proxy in memcache (Node.js) Razvan Stanga
piBeacon.git Create an Physical Web Eddystone Beacon using Raspberry Pi (Node.js/BASH) Razvan Stanga
photo-collage.git Create photo callages by overlaying images on top of each other (PHP/Composer) Razvan Stanga
validatoare.git Diverse validatoare gen CUI/CNP (PHP/Javascript) Razvan Stanga
status-electron-app.git Electron based app with notifications (Node.js/Electron) Razvan Stanga
phonenr.git Fetches phone numbers hidden behind 'click to get number' on (Node.js) Razvan Stanga
donatierosms.git Get the number of SMSs from a cause (PHP) Razvan Stanga
redis-post-views-wordpress-plugin.git Highly optimized post views using Redis Razvan Stanga
nodemcu-iot-mqtt-relay.git Home automation NodeMCU based IOT relay, using MQTT broker and IoT Control Center (nodemcu/LUA/MQTT broker) Razvan Stanga
nodemcu-iotcc-mqtt-relay.git Home automation NodeMCU based IOT relay, using MQTT broker and IoT Control Center (nodemcu/LUA/MQTT broker) Razvan Stanga
iot-control-center.git IoT Control Center using MQTT/JS/AdminLTE Razvan Stanga
nodemcu-iot-bme280-weather-station.git NodeMCU/BME280/SPI TFT/mqtt weather station Razvan Stanga
jquery-owlcarousel.git OWL Carousel modified to show images alt as title next to next/prev buttons (Javascript) Razvan Stanga
mailer.git PHP SMTP mail sender (PHP) Razvan Stanga
pong4.git Play 4 players pong with your mobile phone as controller in (Node.js/Canvas/HTML) Razvan Stanga
fbapp.git Quickly create a facebook app (PHP/Smarty/CakePHP Components/Composer/Javascript) Razvan Stanga
realtime-mouse-tracking.git Realtime mouse (click/movement) tracking (Node.js/Canvas/Socket.IO) Razvan Stanga
iotcc-server-monitoring.git Server monitoring using MQTT broker and IoT Control Center (Node.js/MQTT broker) Razvan Stanga
php-js-websockets.git Simple Websockets server (PHP) Razvan Stanga
carstats.git Small app that fetches cars data from & more soon (PHP) Razvan Stanga
sysadmin.git Some of my sysadmin tools (BASH) Razvan Stanga
drupal_crud_module_creator.git This is a small app that creates Drupal 7.x CRUD (create, read, update and delete) modules. Demo (PHP) Razvan Stanga
pushover.git Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. Razvan Stanga
openwrt-tplink-tl-wdr4300.git Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. Razvan Stanga
node-red-contrib-onvif.git Unnamed repository; edit this file 'description' to name the repository. Razvan Stanga
varnish-caching-drupal-module.git Varnish Cache Drupal module (PHP/Javascript/HTML/Drupal 7) Razvan Stanga
varnish-caching-wordpress-plugin.git Varnish Cache Wordpress plugin (PHP/Javascript/HTML/Wordpress) Razvan Stanga
wifischedule.git Wifi Schedule for OpenWRT is a very useful app which will allow you to manage and schedule when your device Wi-Fi will turn on and off. You can find ipk packages here (LUA/BASH/OpenWRT) Razvan Stanga
phpdc.git a php client that uses sockets to conect to direct connect hubs and make stats from 2006 (PHP) Razvan Stanga
mmouse.git hacking tool written in php found on one of the servers I administer. It was uploaded in a vulnerable Joomla CMS (PHP) Razvan Stanga No commits
gitphp.git clone with my mods Razvan Stanga
jquery-form.git jQuery validateForm Plugin (Javascript) Razvan Stanga
mini_sendmail.git mini_sendmail that works in php-fpm jails Razvan Stanga
mysql-backup.git mySQL backup script (BASH) Razvan Stanga
speedtest.git sources Razvan Stanga
alesiivoteaza.git / parser from 2008 (PHP) Razvan Stanga
Synology DiskStation Linux Kernel
diskstation- Synology Diskstation 4.0 kernel Razvan Stanga
diskstation-3.2.11.git Synology Diskstation 4.1 kernel razvans
diskstation-3.2.30.git Synology Diskstation 4.2 kernel Razvan Stanga
diskstation-3.2.40.git Synology Diskstation 4.3 kernel Razvan Stanga
diskstation-3.2.40-dsm5.0.git Synology Diskstation 5.0 kernel Razvan Stanga
arduino/rover.git Autonomous 4x4 rover based on HC-SR04 Ultrasound distance sensor (C/C++/Arduino/SketchUP) Razvan Stanga
arduino/ultrasonic-sensor.git Example sketch for working with the HC-SR04 Ultrasound distance sensor (C/C++/Arduino) Razvan Stanga
arduino/arduino-lipo-discharger.git Simple lipo battery discharger for Arduino (C/C++/Arduino) Razvan Stanga
arduino/paramotor-fc.git Simple wip paramotor flight controller based on AltIMU-10 v4 that implements follow heading. It will be using telemetry data from frsky gps sensor for return to home (C/C++/Arduino) Razvan Stanga
arduino/minimosd-extra-frsky.git minimosd-extra with support for frsky telemetry (C/C++/Arduino) Razvan Stanga