descriptionWifi Schedule for OpenWRT is a very useful app which will allow you to manage and schedule when your device Wi-Fi will turn on and off. You can find ipk packages here (LUA/BASH/OpenWRT)
ownerRazvan Stanga
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226d28c Razvan Stanga changed ucitrack integration master v0.1-5
50a97dc Razvan Stanga changed wireless interface detection. added dual …
59e70fd Razvan Stanga now this package works on all arch
11b0fda Razvan Stanga version 0.1-4 v0.1-4
0d0575e Razvan Stanga logger text changes and a small bugfix when turni…
6e711e8 Razvan Stanga version 0.1-3 v0.1-3
f15bfd2 Razvan Stanga wifi on by default on all days/hours
335c784 Razvan Stanga added wifi up when turning off wifi schedule. fix…
98a43d8 Razvan Stanga updated init.d script. fixed whitespace v0.1-2
19772ea Razvan Stanga update to Makefile description. added wifi_schedu…
c4cd4a1 Razvan Stanga added administrable interval to query for changes…
733dcb3 Razvan Stanga initial commit v0.1-1
v0.1-5 version 0.1-5
v0.1-4 version 0.1-4
v0.1-3 version 0.1-3
v0.1-2 version 0.1-2
v0.1-1 version 0.1-1