dreamhost updated reamme
dreamhost updated reamme

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 and attempt to automatically pick the best method based on the URL if you
 don't use an X-Purge-Method header.  See the comments in `lib/purge.vcl` for
+You can also use the X-VC-Purge-Key method. Generate a MD5/SHA-256 hash and fill it on line
+if (req.http.X-VC-Purge-Key == "hash-to-be-filled-in") {
+in lib/purge.vcl. Then use the same hash in Varnish Caching WP admin.
 Static File Caching

--- a/varnish-conf/lib/purge.vcl
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+# purge.vcl -- Cache Purge Library for Varnish
 # Regex purging
 # Treat the request URL as a regular expression.