b8c4b04 luka [packages] tinc: fix init.d/tinc parameter genera…
0f28460 jogo packages: remove empty directories
488d635 luka [packages] debootstrap: update to 1.0.48
aa3a844 jow miniupnpd: update v1.8.20130426 (#12997)
146c4e8 mirko [packages] move packages related to telephony int…
c5a96ca luka [packages] monit: fix init script
37116ed jogo packages: nginx: fix PCRE symbol name and fix dep…
7e30a29 luka [packages] strongswan: introduce /etc/ipsec.user …
bdb4c63 jow bind: update to 9.9.2-P2 (CVE-2013-2266)
11a3610 jow tinc: update to 1.0.21 (CVE-2013-1428)
28b9c3b jogo packages: gupng-av: update to 0.12.1
d51068d jogo packages: Privoxy: version bump 3.0.21
d142914 jogo [packages] wview: fix segmentation fault in WMR U…
8d02f07 jogo [packages] wview: fix operation for low temperatu…
6e8b747 jogo [packages] pure-ftpd: Bump to 1.0.36
eec4f22 jogo [packages] Kamailio3: update to 3.3.4
1415aed jogo [packages] ser2net: bump version to 2.8
7b3359b swalker [packages] oww: update to 0.86.4
eeb58e1 jogo packages: nginx: update to 1.2.8
6250168 jogo packages: nginx: clean up options
c0701c2 luka [packages] xz: update Makefile
68f6d05 luka [packages] squashfs-tools: update Makefile
0da7d6b luka [packages] squashfs-tools: fix recursive dependen…
95fc83a jow packages: drop olsrd, batman, bmxd and batman-adv…
df3488f nbd packages: consistently use 'depends on' instead o…
6950ef6 marek batman-adv: make is_my_mac() check for the curren…
d706512 jow packages: drop bmx6 package
9ff7875 nbd netperf: Update build file to v2.6.0, pass --enab…
58262c6 heil package: haproxy
238d959 luka [packages] monit: update to 5.5
96a4a8a swalker [packages] oww: update to 0.86.3 (#13262)
0d1253e kerneis [packages] babeld: new upstream release 1.3.5
51e1729 luka [packages] strongswan: add init script
85491ff luka [packages] strongswan: add eap-radius plugin
59dda6c luka [packages] squashfs-tools: modularize package
22fdde6 luka [packages] xz: add new package
cf93237 luka [packages] squashfs-tools: add new package
a294dff zioproto [packages] olsrd: init: reduce code duplication b…
54e2dda zioproto [packages] olsrd: init: parse new var 'speed', wh…
72dadf1 zioproto [packages] olsrd: init: for better reuse, make a …
52f8e6e obsy [packages] vsftpd: add TLS variant
1923b3d nico [packages] xmail: fix endianness detection
1cd0b6b heil package: haproxy
1507ec8 tripolar [packages]: openssh update to 6.2p1
9e1dfdd kerneis ahcpd: fix init script
89cca70 heil package: haproxy
1282998 jow drop libjpeg-turbo - nothing depends on it and it…
34c8446 florian zsh: disable gdbm
4d7b74b florian send: use flex instead of lex
e7235f3 florian uclibc++: fix build on FreeBSD
5a98ccf nbd pulseaudio: fix missing staging library directory…
5fa0f87 heil package: haproxy
facfcb2 obsy [packages] proftpd: update to 1.3.4c
2cf4f06 nunojpg [packages] sshtunnel: port value in server sectio…
46fb1b3 nunojpg [packages] add dump1090, Mode S decoder for the R…
daf2691 jow net-tools: since we ship "slattach" it makes sens…
237045b jow freeswitch: return $(FS_DEFAULT_HEAD) in DUMP pha…
2e01b30 jow miniupnpd: fix package postinstall
23765be mazilo bumped to FS git HEAD 6af84a870c21836e20077f27a85…
cc0e775 zioproto [packages] tinc: Version bump 1.0.20
514aa48 jow Revert "madwifi: fix compilation against Linux 3.…
9170d59 jow miniupnpd: rework and simplify firewall integrati…
01f172e jow madwifi: fix compilation against Linux 3.8
41cbbda florian bridge-utils: fix a struct in6_addr reference
2788175 florian net-snmp: don't hardcode endianness
ab79cf8 florian php4: add compatibility fix for gmp
18dd371 florian asterisk-11.x: add func_base64 support in Asteris…
ba930e0 mazilo added module VP8 Video Codec (<FS root dir>/src/m…
a508548 marek batman-adv: verify tt len does not exceed packet …
1809e23 mazilo bumped to FS v1.3.17
42c882a luka [packages] strongswan: update to version 5.0.2
77363e6 marek batman-adv: upgrade package to latest release 201…
b060f36 mazilo fixed some of install scripts.
868cf39 mazilo updated to freeswitch v1.3.14b
b5530ea mazilo include the forgotten patch for endian detection.
b5860d2 acinonyx [packages] rtl-sdr: Update to latest revision
c06d92f luka [packages] ffmpeg: include/disable swresample whe…
381925a mazilo fixed endianess detection, submitted by Uwe Klein…
ca38a21 juhosg mysql: revert PKG_SOURCE_URL previous patch
b0a2f64 juhosg sipp: bump version to 3.3
feb1b92 juhosg libdlna: version bump to 0.2.4
8993b35 juhosg ffmpeg: version bump to 0.11.2
e396f60 juhosg libpng: version bump to 1.2.50
db18840 juhosg libogg: version bump to 1.3.0
0ee58b4 juhosg libvorbis: version bump to 1.3.3
9297e66 zioproto [packages] olsrd: Version bump
9e99fd5 mazilo fixed sound packages.
51584e3 florian shairport: add AirPort Express emulation software
7f2cae5 geoff petitboot: Use uname for hostname
90b484f geoff petitboot: Update MAINTAINER info
f526788 geoff ps3-utils: Update MAINTAINER info
f593dfb jogo packages: madwifi: mark as broken for bcm63xx
fa28e71 jogo packages: aria2: update to 1.16.3
cdf2765 jogo packages: krb5: update to 1.11
6d1d2eb jogo packages: tig: update to 1.1, and fix description.
d8fe797 jogo packages: cups: do not try to package pdftops
c6bdf67 jogo packages: cups-bjnp: update from 0.5.4 to 1.2.
56e54a3 jogo packages: cups-bjnp: move to Printing
ce12d84 jogo packages: p910nd: move to Printing
0f59c6d jogo packages: weechat: update to 0.4.0