947aa7b jow nano: moved to github
74e1b99 luka shflags: move to management feed
841d154 luka libfreecwmp: move to management feed
7497618 luka freecwmp: move to management feed
bb65a83 cyrus zip: move to github
bc026de cyrus unzip: move to github
2e3cc78 cyrus unrar: moved to github
dc02c00 cyrus fwknob: moved to github
5b97325 jow curl: move to core packages
5d2ae03 jow tinyproxy: moved to github
b8d9991 jow coreutils: moved to github
1232f2b jow rrdtool-1.0.x: moved to github
400e1ce jow vnstat: moved to github
08107ab jow collectd: moved to github
43e74aa jow wshaper: moved to github
ac622b7 cyrus screen: moved to github
8088ead cyrus pciutils: moved to github
fe23ea9 cyrus flashrom: moved to github
5f9cae2 cyrus dmidecode: moved to github
46356d9 cyrus udpxy: moved to github
5903e6a cyrus xupnpd: moved to github
d755e82 cyrus libftdi: moved to github
8f74f7c cyrus htop: moved to github
52dbddc cyrus monit: moved to github
3dc4d12 cyrus libaio: moved to github
111ed4c cyrus tgt: moved to github
7188955 cyrus luaposix: moved to github
a0282a0 cyrus luabitop: moved to github
dc497e9 nbd strace: move to trunk, add myself as a maintainer
d64072b cyrus Remove polipo (moved)
bdc631a cyrus Remove openconnect (moved)
0cc3cbd cyrus Remove ocserv (moved)
ac8b8b7 cyrus Remove mosquitto (moved)
f29d785 cyrus Remove miniupnpc (moved)
7d4d272 cyrus Remove mdnsresponder (moved)
0c1538c cyrus Remove ddns-scripts (moved)
5488345 cyrus Remove libsqlite3 (moved)
7a6a4ec cyrus Remove nettle (moved)
0f6c671 cyrus Removed libmodbus (moved)
2848870 cyrus Remove libcap (moved)
6ebbd80 cyrus Remove gnutls (moved)
da5290b cyrus Remove gmp (moved)
5a3f2fa cyrus Remove c-ares (moved)
c249e79 cyrus Remove zabbix (moved to new feed)
e11b743 tripolar [packages] tor: update to
5610b0e kerneis [packages] polipo: update to 1.1.1
bf128e9 nbd php4: remove package, it is long obsolete and has…
f4ea97c cyrus miniupnpd: moved and updated in routing feed
355fd02 tripolar [packages] git: update to 2.0.0
e598683 nunojpg [packages] nmap: bump version to 6.46
9ce81c6 nunojpg [packages] usbip: remove usbip-server dependency …
b468713 luka [packages] debootstrap: bump version to 1.0.60~bp…
53259b0 obsy [packages] proftpd: update to 1.3.5
a896e9b obsy [packages] transmission: use internal miniupnpc, …
2699144 luka [packages] lxc: update to 1.0.3
a67e451 tripolar [packages] dovecot: update to 2.2.13
0d655f8 florian l2tpv3tun: link against libnl-tiny
a1ab398 florian ocserv: Added ocserv 0.3.5, an SSL VPN server.
20bf685 florian gnutls: Do not try to install gnutls-cli or serve…
dbfb6d3 florian shaiport: disable pulseaudio backend
55bbcf3 florian flashrom: Update to latest version and remove unn…
780e07c florian dmidecode: Update to latest version and enable bu…
f5506ed florian libftdi: fix build for x86_64 target
c5dc15b florian openrrcp: fix compile on platforms with VFP
38c84c1 florian netpipe: fix compile on platforms with VFP
9fa9cff florian mdk3: fix compile on platforms with VFP
5bdd4e5 florian jtg: fix compile on platforms with VFP
eb3a4ae florian empdcd: fix compile on platforms with VFP
27f5e81 florian libexif update to 0.6.21
f33120e florian shairport: Update to latest version and switch to…
657092e tripolar [packages] git: update to 1.9.3
44fd0ee nbd collectd: disable mips16 support, some code gets …
1cb8270 nbd igmpproxy: move to trunk, add myself as maintainer
10c5647 nbd igmpproxy: allow as allowed net in the …
3cc7097 florian ddns-scripts: Support Mythic Beast's Dynamic DNS …
ee7b071 florian dhcpcd: update to 6.1.0
0f909ec florian input-utils: update to 1.1
e516ed9 florian seeks: fix compile on platforms with VFP
216ca09 florian gnutls: Allow gnutls to be compiled using nettle-…
5f02068 florian nettle: Nettle can be configured to not use gmp
c5292a5 florian gnutls: Made several parts of gnutls configurable…
020f457 florian shairport: Update shairport to final version 1.0
1e2419b florian tgt: fix conffiles section
1b9ee7c swalker [packages] libotr: remove host paths to fix build…
61041d2 swalker [packages] libimobiledevice: update to 1.1.6, byp…
5e94aa4 swalker [packages] libusbmuxd: add separate libusbmuxd & …
921a128 swalker [packages] libplist: update to 1.11, build withou…
1b3db4a florian new package tgt
3cfbab7 florian haserl: uptate to 0.9.32, add optional lua support
502c47b florian httping: fix build with NLS
8d3fbd4 florian tayga: fix compile on platforms with VFP
3ad52c7 florian tvheadend: fix compile on platforms with VFP
6eeaa1e hauke posix: fix build
c221b8c hauke etherpuppet: correct broken url
75604d0 hauke bemused: fix build by including more include files
201678b hauke xupnpd: Update to latest version, switch to procd…
f24c421 hauke luaposix: update to v31
d204521 hauke luabitop: add new package for luaposix
42582ae hauke pptpd: bump to version 1.4.0 (fix bugs #12909, #1…
616cc60 hauke haveged: bump to 1.9.1