liburcu: moved to github
[] / mail / xmail / Makefile
juhosg packages/xmail: fix whitespaces
hauke xmail: Update to version 1.27
nico [packages] xmail: fix endianness detection
florian [package] xmail: cope with empty flags options (#…
nbd xmail: use
cshore [packages] Mass Fix for GCC 4.6
nico packages: add missing conffiles define
nbd xmail: add $(LIBGCC_S) to fix ARM EABI compile er…
florian [package] update xmail to 1.26 (#5761)
florian [package] update xmail to 1.26pre06 (#5389)
nbd nuke $Id$ in /packages as well
florian [package] update xmail to 1.26pre05 (#4794)
blogic add xmail uci scripts, thanks pqa #3753
florian Update xmail to 1.25 (#3607)
nico [packages] move packages to a new 'mail' section,…