packages: znc: moved to github
[] / admin / sudo / Makefile
hauke sudo: update sudo to version 1.7.10p8
nico packages/sudo: update to 1.7.8p1, create sudo db …
swalker [packages] sudo: update to 1.7.4p4
nico [packages] sudo: update to 1.7.2p6
swalker [packages] sudo: update to 1.7.2p5
lars [packages] Add missing libtool fixups
thepeople this patch updates sudo to the latest stable vers…
florian [package] update sudo to 1.7.2p2 (#6413)
florian [package] update sudo to 1.7.2p1 (#5811)
florian [package] update sudo to 1.7.2 (#5514)
jow [packages] sudo: fix typo in Makefile
nico [packages] add sudo (closes: #4820)