fcgi: moved to github
[openwrt.org/packages.git] / ipv6 / wide-dhcpv6 / Makefile
nbd packages: fold the IPv6 menu into Network
jow [packages] wide-dhcpv6: use network.sh to find de…
jow [packages] wide-dhcpv6: fix second instance of en…
nico packages/wide-dhcpv6: rename uci config files
jow [packages] wide-dhcpv6: now that hexdump works ag…
nico packages/wide-dhcpv6: use new service functions
jow [package] wide-dhcpv6: improve user DUID handling
jow [package] wide-dhcpv6:
mb wide-dhcpv6: Compile for for uClibc-0.9.31.
abyrne [packages] wide-dhcpv6: Fix request option variab…
abyrne [packages] wide-dhcpv6: Set maintainer
abyrne [packages] wide-dhcpv6: Add debug option to dhcp6c
thepeople Update wide-dhcpv6 package, from #6820
spudz76 [patchteam] Add wide-ipv6 packages, thanks Raphael