tinc: moved to github
[openwrt.org/packages.git] / ipv6 / gw6c / Makefile
juhosg packages/gw6c: fix whitespaces
florian gw6c: pass our CFLAGS
nbd packages: fold the IPv6 menu into Network
florian [package] gw6c: fix missing LIBGCC_S dependency
blogic [packages] gw6c libc++ fix
cshore [packages] Mass Fix for GCC 4.6
nico packages: add missing conffiles define
nico packages/gw6c: use new service functions
jow [packages] gw6c: switch to v5.1 as used by Freetz…
hauke [packages] Various Makefile cleanups.
nico [packages] massive change: replace occurences of …
nbd nuke $Id$ in /packages as well
jow [packages] hw6c: fix download url
nbd use LIBGCC_S in more places
florian Add gw6c and make it link against uclibcxx (#2125)