f09ef4c nbd rename GPL to LICENSE
2b65741 wbx add license file
2d27f8e nico remove wd1100 since it's a watchdog
9160c71 nico build a compressed kernel image to use with i386 …
11e5eaa nico build jffs2 image too since it works with CF and …
2cbdc21 nico remove kernel image from rootfs archive,
ed5850b nico add some hardware info for soekris net4801
4e294d8 nbd fix ide support on wl-hdd
ac874e5 nbd (hopefully) fix dsl driver, add linux-atm package
c594045 nico Fix exec permission on /etc/init.d/S60nfsd
0cc08f7 nbd add pspboot support, cleanup in ar7 board support
8a2c344 nico Fix building when target arch = i386
9dee347 nico Add dosfstools package
1b1e5a1 nico Disable freetype explicitly, since it is now incl…
1ec9bfb nico Make MTU default to 1492 when ppp_mtu nvram varia…
db99e7a nico Fix /etc/init.d/S50pppoe -> /sbin/ifup.pppoe chan…
5b87a75 nico Add rrdtool package
e122fd3 nico Add libart package
de048b4 nico Add freetype package
699858b nico Add cgilib package
746cdfa nico Fix building when host and target systems are sam…
399ee46 nico Fix cross-compile when target system is known to …
cd3cf32 nico Fix building when host and target systems are sam…
e2a83fb nico Fix cross-compile of embedded berkeley db
31ad0c4 nico Add ether-wake package
518fcb3 nico fix uninstall-dev cleaning
315cccc nico Enabled MTD (with block device emulation) and JFF…
07a9941 nico add support for multiple target arch,
b3c9834 nico Add missing .configured target that caused superf…
15cf44d nico Fix irssi dependency on glib
890aa4f nico Updated to new upstream release (v0.1.0.14)
5925191 nico Updated to new upstream release (v1.3.16)
4db709c nico Updated url, wput is now on sourceforge
2006e44 nico Updated to new upstream release (v0.9.1)
9bf5291 nico Fix building when host and target systems are sam…
ef94600 wbx asterisk -> atftp typo, thx markus becker
5f01e1d wbx remove unneeded stuff from maintainer
3625c6c wbx dependencys for quagga
8ef83b6 wbx usability and stability patch from package mainta…
d02f783 nbd add missing givepin file
f71d35c nbd fix weird toolchain build error
29c32da nbd fix jffs2root dependency problem
384c838 wbx bluetooth fixes from Tomas Vanek
ce158c9 nbd some smaller cleanups and fix for rebooting ar7
fa32ddd nbd rename openwrt-ar7-zimage.bin to openwrt-ar7-2.4-…
e37f0c6 nbd add annex a and annex b version of sangam atm dri…
d3aa07d nbd fix tgz building
144e109 nbd work around bug in menuconfig without DEVELOPER=1…
b6feea5 nbd remove broken depend line in target fs config
81c9bc6 nico add preliminary support for soekris boards
d34b6e8 nico add tgz image (kernel+rootfs tar archive) for tes…
36d0d2b nbd use correct mac address for lan
8fa2c7e nico add support for multiple target arch
65eace1 nbd remove default /etc/modules file (gets installed …
077e268 nbd fix package install order
02a18be nbd fix base-files-arch package
3bc2cd0 nbd add ar7 lzma loader
7293672 nbd sync dnsmasq with whiterussian
b579502 nbd fix dhcp Config.in dependency issue
79fcd80 nbd sync dropbear with whiterussian
cd96818 nbd copy wificonf from whiterussian to head
5fdaea4 nbd change wrt54g packet source to automatically swit…
edcca4b nbd fix uclibc++ dependency issue
6b318cd nico cosmetic fix
a1c8eb1 nico don't build stripped executable, let sstrip do it…
d0e8996 nico add support for multiple target arch
5b66d8e nico add parprouted
102ad21 nbd move wificonf and nvram stuff back to package/, r…
b774046 nico add support for multiple target arch
3eb55d3 nico prepare for multiple target arch
4797fbf nbd move wificonf to target/linux/package
8c35047 nico add an initscript
3d91430 nico add an initscript
c5e5c36 nico command is no daemon, run it in the background
12df563 nico create /etc/xinetd.d used by includedir in /etc/x…
519090c nbd fix libnvram install into staging dir
402825e nbd change config name of led driver
294fb29 nbd add vlynq support
5e97d0c nbd remove trx stuff from ar7 images and flash map
09c7cf3 nbd fix nvram compile
de748ce nbd fix firewall script, add ar7 network if into the …
66f1d0c nbd fix ethernet driver crash when using bridging
f80d4fd nbd add config file /etc/config/network, add board-sp…
a73e9e4 nbd change the name of the writable partition to Open…
c45b5fb nbd move nvram,jffs2root,shared libs into target/linu…
e8c58d4 nbd fix typo in mtd package
9fd6b7e wbx remove mtd from here
112751b nico update to new upstream release (v1.3.15)
ebb3aa6 wbx everything is a package. so is mtd now
2fc0cd6 wbx remove shell based ipkg, if someone need it, add …
f332fc4 wbx remove wlc, it is unneeded , okay mbm, nbd
85c3d0a wbx a translucent filesystem
931c734 nico update to new upstream release (v0.8.5)
3273ede nico update to new upstream release (v0.1.0.12)
1f8c7ee wbx remove unused variable
9db4621 nbd add proper ar7 flash map driver and change image …
a44985f mbm updates from whiterussian
1d0d06f nbd sync wificonf with whiterussian
955e03f nbd more cleanup in toolchain/
423c1e7 nbd fix base-files build