cac6e34 nbd build: consistently use 'depends on' instead of '…
02fb7e9 nbd busybox: remove old no-MMU hackery
058469d blogic [ramips] fix prepare_generic_squashfs
e6b4fda jow uhttpd: update to git head, fixes regression when…
62642b0 jow feeds: add upstream bmx6 openwrt feed
6f87076 nbd ath9k: change the BSSID mask calculation to fix s…
c9eed6a blogic [ramips] fix rt305x gpio
2502a03 nbd kernel: force CONFIG_NET_SCHED=y for fq_codel (#1…
91718a5 kaloz [generic/3.9]: refresh against -rc7
c40bdc5 jow iwinfo: print info of all existing wireless iface…
02d9385 nbd uhttpd: update to latest version, fixes compile e…
02a1fba nbd netifd: update to latest version, fixes some devi…
d3b088f nbd libubox: update to latest version
17765f5 nbd mac80211: merge upstream legacy minstrel improvem…
ea93b4f juhosg kernel: update linux 3.8 to 3.8.7
6603b86 juhosg mpc85xx: use static SPI bus number for TL-WDR4900
cabb7da juhosg linux/3.8: backport 'spi/of: Use DT aliases for a…
c4d649e blogic [ramips] update rt2880 config-3.8
f5cd1cd blogic [ramips] fix up the rt2880 patches
ded206c blogic [ramips] fix RT-N15 support
f74de7a blogic [ramips] update rt2880.dtsi
8029395 blogic [geneirc] fix rtl8366s OF binding
22e8902 juhosg mpc85xx: set preinit interface to eth0 by default
ad483d3 juhosg mpc85xx: Generate fdt for P1020RDB
af34124 juhosg mpc85xx: Add P1020RDB board support
d57b782 blogic [lantiq] add VG3503J support
c2e22cb blogic [lantiq] add FE phy firmware
8e45a9b luka This adds Gateworks Laguna family board support. …
718c5af blogic [lantiq] add missing pinmux patch
efafe6e nbd mac80211: fix a client mode reconnect issue
3cbdb83 nbd cns3xxx: fix USB ehci/ohci platform driver
9e4323e nbd kernel: calibrate the TWD timer even when booting…
e812a24 nbd kernel: keep the igmp proc support even with PROC…
c3395a5 nbd ath9k: fix an AR9580 specific crypto related stab…
618f588 nbd mac80211: revert the queue length to the default …
187ee5b nbd kernel: switch default qdisc from pfifo_fast to f…
f9c0492 nbd kernel: keep dropped stats in fq_codel
0cf02e1 nbd kernel: tune fq_codel defaults for common netdevi…
e3ab23f nbd kernel: add patches by Dave Täht to reduce buffer…
9a2aa8e florian kernel: refresh patches against 3.9-rc6
5d89871 florian kernel: add support for PMC PM25LQ032 SPI Flash i…
249fcbf florian kernel: backport switch user API changes after r3…
46f41f4 nbd qos-scripts: add queue length and quantum limit, …
885bebf blogic [ramips] unbreak portmapping - typo fix
457d3ac jow iwinfo: fix frequency/channel and channel/frequen…
ff88236 florian buildroot: enable software floating point for MIP…
5d772fb blogic [ramips] move memory detect node to dtsi files
cb06f20 blogic [ramips] Add Netgear WNCE2001 (OF version)
b945e78 blogic [ramips] remove bootargs from dts
af6f122 blogic [ramips] add ofpart info to the devicetrees
6c2dd85 blogic [ramips] add sample swconfig portmap
37a8b82 blogic [ramips] set of_node before registring the switch
65dcba6 blogic [swconfig] add portmap support to userland
ef55a21 blogic [swconfig] allow loading port maps from OF
6b445de blogic [swconfig] add "swconfig list" support
1362d2a jow netifd: fix route / route6 regression (#13303)
d240562 cyrus Remove deprecated ip6slaac option
aca8c0b cyrus Remove obsoleted ipv6-support meta-package
7b026cd cyrus Adapt default network configuration for IPv6
2ada7d7 cyrus Enable native IPv6 support by default
1f70a35 juhosg ramips: TEW-691GR.dts fixes
32e15ff juhosg ramips: rt3883: enable the AR8216 driver
6309bef juhosg ramips: add profile for the Omnima EMB-HPM board
8b17cd7 juhosg ramips: OMNI-EMB-HPM.dts fixes
eeefba9 juhosg ramips: add mdio-bus node to rt3883.dtsi
ac2214d juhosg ramips: fix MDIO/PHY handling
c9e4dfb juhosg ramips: fix console speed for OMNI-EMB-HPM
19667b7 juhosg ramips: avoid invalid pointer dereference in pinm…
a460f2f juhosg ramips: TEW-692GR.dts fixes
a129099 nbd ath9k: fix a tx processing race condition on AR93…
8c4175b nbd ath9k_htc: accept firmware versions newer than 1.3
a18afed nbd mac80211: merge an idle handling fix (fixes ath9k…
dedc66c juhosg ramips: add PCI node into RTN56U.dts
a994e67 juhosg ramips: add PCI node for rt3883.dtsi
20806f9 juhosg ramips: rt3883: enable PCI support
fdbab48 juhosg ramips: fix RT3883 PCI driver
ccebd1c juhosg ramips: refresh patches
f1d9c2b juhosg ramips: add missing cpu-feature-override.h files
69242be juhosg ramips: fix broken patch name
46b5f6e juhosg ramips: fix polarity of GPIO buttons for RT-N56U
0e8f2fc juhosg x86/generic: remove old kernel configs
37b5d97 juhosg x86/generic: switch to 3.8
8534a59 juhosg x86/generic: add config for 3.8
6a55544 juhosg x86/alix2: remove old kernel configs
b6c56c5 juhosg x86/alix2: switch to 3.8
a8067e5 juhosg x86/alix2: add config for 3.8
b757f48 juhosg x86: add support for 3.8
9edc049 juhosg ramips: add nor-flash node for the RT-N56U
28596ff juhosg ramips: fix pinmux settings for the RT-N56U
65d5e55 juhosg ramips: pinmux fixes
2417786 juhosg ramips: remove trailing whitespaces from dts files
e1d9cfc juhosg ramips: handle PCI interrupts in plat_irq_dispatch
42a01d5 blogic [ramips] fix typos inside dts files
35b18ce blogic [ramips] fix default commandline in dts files
8001086 juhosg ramips: add cfi_cmdset_0002 patches
cd928e7 nbd cns3xxx: remove the watchdog IRQ from the resourc…
cd5c0c6 nbd gcc: remove the bogus CONFIG_TLS_SUPPORT symbol -…
ee8ea56 nbd uClibc: unbreak ld-uClibc on non-64bit platforms
c8c899e juhosg ramips: remove top-level {address,size}-cells pro…
03cef87 hauke brcm47xx: use old partition names again for kerne…