1b14a20 nbd fix and enable the sdk
b827761 nbd include $(TOPDIR)/rules.mk in the image makefiles
4bddee6 nbd don't generate invalid dependency lines in sdk mo…
211af51 nbd add sdk option for gen_deps.pl
0b0afa4 nbd add INCLUDE_DIR variable for $(TOPDIR)/include
859e8f7 nbd build system cleanup. move shared include files i…
732980a nbd add global make download target
97f419b nbd add target/download
14ace0c nbd add toolchain/download target
36551bb nbd add package/download target
9cff485 mbm annoying initrd bug introduced by 2.6.17
c435c60 nbd more dependency fixes
5395d14 nbd fix for multiple dependency flags
293ad9c nbd mount /proc earlier in /sbin/mount_root
21af46f florian Update alchemy kernel configuration
274d69a kaloz be politically correct
a765179 nbd add libbcmcrypto to the nas package
7ef9fcd mbm fix irq handling on 2.6.17
a754e7f nico fix MODULE_PARM removal in 2.6.17.
0456315 mbm reintroduce the -ffreestanding to avoid gcc inlin…
4f09c2f nbd add a list append function to functions.sh
8ae87f1 nbd build mimo version of the broadcom wl driver as w…
7c82cc0 nbd fix wlcompat depends/default
70928c7 nbd add modules.d file for wl
16a804d nbd fix broadcom trx alignment
8afe763 nbd remove the wl.o build from the kernel patch and m…
44b110a kaloz update Aruba config for 2.6.17
051115a nbd fix rb532 for 2.6.17
fede69c kaloz fix the Aruba ethernet drivers for 2.6.17
ddefa67 nico fix module params on 2.6.17, suppress warnings.
86aa370 nico move source file to src/ and let the kernel tree …
cee33e2 nbd fix typo in brcm-2.4 system code
b055a29 nico move wlcompat from target/linux/package/ to packa…
a9ffe1d kaloz follow the xtables changes in 2.6.17
f2361b8 nbd add util-linux
bd5914f nbd override LDOPTS to remove madwifi compile warning
4e00d98 nico normalize Makefiles.
c69b463 nico add conffiles, use proper optimization flags when…
4e82307 nico rename br2684.init to br2684.hotplug, normalize M…
5ac8df0 nico remove unneeded autoconf call and flags, rename S…
b7bf003 nico remove ipkg directory, add conffiles, normalize M…
edc2fa5 nico move source files to src/.
18ffcca nbd add wlc utility
91c63e9 nico move source file to src/.
151a031 nico remove ipkg directory, normalize Makefile.
caf4db4 nico remove ipkg directory, normalize Makefile.
8014456 kaloz fix the multiple gateway patch, too
d1d400f kaloz upgrade to 2.6.17, probably break some stuff temp…
7f7c42a nbd add conffiles for base-files
5d2c8cb nbd fix extra control files for packages containing "…
e37fde9 nbd add conffiles to iptables
1b28bb7 nico suppress warnings.
7115f24 nbd add support for conffiles,preinst,... through tem…
8cefb4f nico move source files to src/ and let the kernel tree…
d8919b0 nbd add missing base-files for rb532
d7e51c0 nbd remove old ipkg directory
cf48179 nico prevent autoheader invocation, clean autotools pa…
ebe873d nico move ueagle-atm from target/linux/package/ to pac…
37418b6 nico move diag from target/linux/package/ to package/.
d52614c nico move openswan from target/linux/package to packag…
60eca2a nico move zd1211 from target/linux/package/ to package…
316d7b8 nico move spca5xx from target/linux/package/ to packag…
e32fa5e mbm obsolete file
6225375 nico move shfs from target/linux/package/ to package/.
55dc7ca nico move hostap from target/linux/package/ to package…
4fb1ee6 nico move mini_fo from target/linux/package/ to packag…
2a5404c nico add TARGET_CFLAGS to configure for userland lib a…
46a6357 nico move fuse from target/linux/package/ to package/,…
2311031 nbd use rm -f in package-rebuild and add extra option…
373ee92 nbd remove some junk
c80ac2c nbd massive via-rhine performance improvements
da69907 nbd put a size limit on rb532 cf partitions
c9bb71a kaloz return the correct system type for Aruba
b739c88 nbd add rb532 support
ed5be4a nbd add openssl depend on zlib
840c30e nbd remove global hostapd builddep on openssl
83df651 nbd remove old junk
7885524 nbd clean up handling of the root filesystem mount - …
68f4a7a nbd fix hostapd-mini dependencies
3307a0b nbd fix dropbear depends and defaults
b20d6f7 nbd fix menuconfig developer options structure
3dd2665 nbd fix gcc version selection
f707a04 mbm fix display of uninitialized ports
f2abb61 mbm switch io schedular to deadline
3713dae nbd remove early_initcall hacks
72f68d6 nbd remove libgcc hack
c88671a nbd hopefully the last fix for the aruba image stuff
913e6c0 mbm fix annoying make parse error
66d6210 nbd update aruba image building makefile for latest i…
78ef7e3 nbd remove aruba specific ramdisk option
1edcd73 nbd fix aruba ramdisk check for the image building
cff4006 mbm fix madwifi compile when using slab allocator
cdc7309 nbd call Image/BuildKernel template for targets that …
6a15fda nbd fix wpa/wpa2 with madwifi
6153720 nbd madwifi: remove the hard dependency on kernel aes…
27828bb nbd add hostapd
f99d275 nbd add openssl
7aecf3b nbd change handling of the Build/Clean template
4c9d7a5 nbd fix dependency handling bug
4bbeddb nbd enable slab, disable slob - for better performanc…