iftop: Update to latest version, and drop patch
[openwrt.org/openwrt.git] / README
nbd Add 'subversion' build dependency to README
nbd build: BSD compile fixes
mirko Update README file
mirko trying to make README file a bit more helpful
nico remove bison requirement (see [10398] & [14900])
nbd change readme to point to scripts/flashing/flash.…
nbd add information about the tex4ht requirement for …
florian Update the README to something more realistic
wbx pkg-config is needed for some packages
wbx add unzip
wbx little modification
wbx lzma loader patch from oleg, great thanks good wo…
wbx remove stuff, update to reality
wbx I do not believe that users will cleanup kernelso…
wbx OpenWRT -> OpenWrt
wbx demistifying make *clean targets, fix some clean …