iftop: Update to latest version, and drop patch
[openwrt.org/openwrt.git] / .gitignore
nbd build: add integration for managing opkg package …
blogic add git-src to .gitignore
acinonyx .gitignore: Ignore Emacs editor generated files
jow [buildroot] add vim temp files (*~) to .gitignore
florian gitignore: add *.rej and *.orig to .gitignore
nbd .gitignore: add *.o and .DS_Store by default - ap…
cshore .gitignore: Undo accidental commit.
cshore brcm-2.4: Fixed preinit and failsafe switch confi…
nbd .gitignore: ignore vim swap files
nbd add logs/ to .gitignore
nbd add feeds.conf to .gitignore
nbd add missing gitignore change for build environmen…
nbd update svn:ignore and .gitignore
nbd add package/openwrt-packages to .gitignore
nbd add package/feeds to .gitignore
nbd add feeds to .gitignore
nbd update svn and git ignore settings
nbd make top-level .gitignore only apply to top-level…
nbd Add gitignore files