next round of build system cleanup - convert package/ to new structure
[] / include /
nbd next round of build system cleanup - convert pack…
nbd fix verbose output with dash as /bin/sh
nbd more build system cleanup
mbm minor tweaks to the verbose system
mbm fix colors when compiling with some newer version…
nbd another optimization
nbd use 'false' instead of '/bin/false'
mbm automatically turn off colors
mbm cleanup & revert [4159]
nbd fix KBUILD_VERBOSE if V is unset
nbd accept V= from the environment as well
mbm fix broken .pkginfo under certain situations
nbd always set NO_TRACE_MAKE
mbm minor changes
mbm credit where credit is due
mbm prevent verbose script from corrupting .pkginfo
mbm set default verbosity to 0
mbm switch on new verbose system
mbm new verbose/trace script for make