treewide: fix replace with
[] / package / devel / perf / Makefile
nbd treewide: fix replace with nbd@nb…
nbd perf: add dependency on !LINUX_3_18 to fix builds
nbd perf: fix strerror_r override detection, apparent…
nbd perf: drop @!USE_UCLIBC from depends
nbd perf: select objdump instead of the full binutils…
nbd perf: add myself as a maintainer
nbd perf: fix musl compatibility
nbd perf: fix parallel build support, explicitly disa…
nbd perf: build in a copy of the source dir instead o…
blogic package/devel/perf: fix build for kernel 4.1
nico packages: use $(LN) macro, make symlinks relative
blogic perf: don't error on warnings
nico packages: some (e)glibc fixes after r44701
blogic perf: this package fails to build for !eglibc
florian devel: import perf from oldpackages