fix and enable the sdk
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nbd fix and enable the sdk
nbd remove unused wget menuconfig option; make the pa…
mbm clean up menu configuration
mbm finish up package makefile
mbm fix BR2_ and CONFIG_ issues
nbd more cleanups and a new menuconfig generator
nbd menuconfig cleanup
kaloz make target selection nicer, choose arch automati…
nbd fix arch default
nbd fix menuconfig with DEVELOPER=1
nbd Move device selection first in menuconfig (#18)
nbd display limited architecture selection in menucon…
wbx mipseb -> mips, thx kaloz for clearification
wbx first ar531x support for 2.4, thx Mile Albon, som…
nbd large build system cleanup. added some stuff to c…
nbd work around bug in menuconfig without DEVELOPER=1…
nbd hide experimental/developer options from the user…
wbx change default path for staging_dir.
mbm nbd's makefile/menuconfig rewrite
wbx sync with buildroot2 from uclibc
mbm Opps - mipsel instead of mips
mbm Update defaults