Add an 'Image Configuration' menu to menuconfig
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# #
# Copyright (C) 2006,2007 # Copyright (C) 2006,2007
# #
# This is free software, licensed under the GNU General Public License v2. # This is free software, licensed under the GNU General Public License v2.
# See /LICENSE for more information. # See /LICENSE for more information.
# #
define BuildIPKGVariable define BuildIPKGVariable
$(call shexport,Package/$(1)/$(2)) $(call shexport,Package/$(1)/$(2))
$(1)_COMMANDS += var2file "$(call shvar,Package/$(1)/$(2))" $(2); $(1)_COMMANDS += var2file "$(call shvar,Package/$(1)/$(2))" $(2);
endef endef
ifeq ($(DUMP),) ifeq ($(DUMP),)
define BuildIPKG define BuildIPKG
IPKG_$(1):=$(PACKAGE_DIR)/$(1)_$(VERSION)_$(PKGARCH).ipk IPKG_$(1):=$(PACKAGE_DIR)/$(1)_$(VERSION)_$(PKGARCH).ipk
IDIR_$(1):=$(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/ipkg/$(1) IDIR_$(1):=$(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/ipkg/$(1)
INFO_$(1):=$(IPKG_STATE_DIR)/info/$(1).list INFO_$(1):=$(IPKG_STATE_DIR)/info/$(1).list
ifdef Package/$(1)/install ifdef Package/$(1)/install
ifeq ($(CONFIG_PACKAGE_$(1)),y) ifeq ($(CONFIG_PACKAGE_$(1)),y)
install: $$(INFO_$(1)) install: $$(INFO_$(1))
endif endif
compile: $$(IPKG_$(1)) compile: $$(IPKG_$(1))
else else
compile: $(1)-disabled compile: $(1)-disabled
$(1)-disabled: $(1)-disabled:
@echo "WARNING: skipping $(1) -- package not selected" @echo "WARNING: skipping $(1) -- package not selected"
endif endif
endif endif
ifeq ($(FORCEREBUILD),y) ifeq ($(FORCEREBUILD),y)
$$(IPKG_$(1)): FORCE $$(IPKG_$(1)): FORCE
endif endif
IDEPEND_$(1):=$$(strip $$(DEPENDS)) IDEPEND_$(1):=$$(strip $$(DEPENDS))
$(eval $(call BuildIPKGVariable,$(1),conffiles)) $(eval $(call BuildIPKGVariable,$(1),conffiles))
$(eval $(call BuildIPKGVariable,$(1),preinst)) $(eval $(call BuildIPKGVariable,$(1),preinst))
$(eval $(call BuildIPKGVariable,$(1),postinst)) $(eval $(call BuildIPKGVariable,$(1),postinst))
$(eval $(call BuildIPKGVariable,$(1),prerm)) $(eval $(call BuildIPKGVariable,$(1),prerm))
$(eval $(call BuildIPKGVariable,$(1),postrm)) $(eval $(call BuildIPKGVariable,$(1),postrm))
$$(IDIR_$(1))/CONTROL/control: $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/.version-$(1)_$(VERSION)_$(PKGARCH) $$(IDIR_$(1))/CONTROL/control: $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/.version-$(1)_$(VERSION)_$(PKGARCH)
@rm -f $(PACKAGE_DIR)/$(1)_* @rm -f $(PACKAGE_DIR)/$(1)_*
mkdir -p $$(IDIR_$(1))/CONTROL mkdir -p $$(IDIR_$(1))/CONTROL
echo "Package: $(1)" > $$(IDIR_$(1))/CONTROL/control echo "Package: $(1)" > $$(IDIR_$(1))/CONTROL/control
echo "Version: $(VERSION)" >> $$(IDIR_$(1))/CONTROL/control echo "Version: $(VERSION)" >> $$(IDIR_$(1))/CONTROL/control
( \ ( \
for depend in $$(filter-out @%,$$(IDEPEND_$(1))); do \ for depend in $$(filter-out @%,$$(IDEPEND_$(1))); do \
DEPENDS=$$$${DEPENDS:+$$$$DEPENDS, }$$$${depend##+}; \ DEPENDS=$$$${DEPENDS:+$$$$DEPENDS, }$$$${depend##+}; \
done; \ done; \
echo "Depends: $$$$DEPENDS" >> $$(IDIR_$(1))/CONTROL/control; \ echo "Depends: $$$$DEPENDS" >> $$(IDIR_$(1))/CONTROL/control; \
) )
echo "Source: $(SOURCE)" >> $$(IDIR_$(1))/CONTROL/control ( \
echo "Section: $(SECTION)" >> $$(IDIR_$(1))/CONTROL/control echo "Source: $(SOURCE)"; \
echo "Priority: $(PRIORITY)" >> $$(IDIR_$(1))/CONTROL/control echo "Section: $(SECTION)"; \
echo "Maintainer: $(MAINTAINER)" >> $$(IDIR_$(1))/CONTROL/control echo "Priority: $(PRIORITY)"; \
echo "Architecture: $(PKGARCH)" >> $$(IDIR_$(1))/CONTROL/control echo "Maintainer: $(MAINTAINER)"; \
echo "Description: $(DESCRIPTION)" | sed -e 's,\\,\n,g' | sed -e 's,^[[:space:]]*$$$$, .,g' >> $$(IDIR_$(1))/CONTROL/control echo "Architecture: $(PKGARCH)"; \
  echo -n "Description: "; getvar $(call shvar,Package/$(1)/description) | sed -e 's,^[[:space:]]*, ,g'; \
  ) >> $$(IDIR_$(1))/CONTROL/control
chmod 644 $$(IDIR_$(1))/CONTROL/control chmod 644 $$(IDIR_$(1))/CONTROL/control
(cd $$(IDIR_$(1))/CONTROL; \ (cd $$(IDIR_$(1))/CONTROL; \
$($(1)_COMMANDS) \ $($(1)_COMMANDS) \
) )
$$(IPKG_$(1)): $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/.built $$(IDIR_$(1))/CONTROL/control $$(IPKG_$(1)): $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/.built $$(IDIR_$(1))/CONTROL/control
$(call Package/$(1)/install,$$(IDIR_$(1))) $(call Package/$(1)/install,$$(IDIR_$(1)))
mkdir -p $(PACKAGE_DIR) mkdir -p $(PACKAGE_DIR)
-find $$(IDIR_$(1)) -name CVS | xargs rm -rf -find $$(IDIR_$(1)) -name CVS | xargs rm -rf
-find $$(IDIR_$(1)) -name .svn | xargs rm -rf -find $$(IDIR_$(1)) -name .svn | xargs rm -rf
-find $$(IDIR_$(1)) -name '.#*' | xargs rm -f -find $$(IDIR_$(1)) -name '.#*' | xargs rm -f
$(RSTRIP) $$(IDIR_$(1)) $(RSTRIP) $$(IDIR_$(1))
@[ -f $$(IPKG_$(1)) ] || false @[ -f $$(IPKG_$(1)) ] || false
$$(INFO_$(1)): $$(IPKG_$(1)) $$(INFO_$(1)): $$(IPKG_$(1))
$(IPKG) install $$(IPKG_$(1)) $(IPKG) install $$(IPKG_$(1))
$(1)-clean: $(1)-clean:
rm -f $(PACKAGE_DIR)/$(1)_* rm -f $(PACKAGE_DIR)/$(1)_*
clean: $(1)-clean clean: $(1)-clean
$(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/.version-$(1)_$(VERSION)_$(PKGARCH): $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/.prepared $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/.version-$(1)_$(VERSION)_$(PKGARCH): $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/.prepared
-@rm -f $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/.version-$(1)_* 2>/dev/null -@rm -f $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/.version-$(1)_* 2>/dev/null
@touch $$@ @touch $$@
$$(eval $$(call Build/DefaultTargets,$(1))) $$(eval $$(call Build/DefaultTargets,$(1)))
ifdef Package/$(1)/install ifdef Package/$(1)/install
ifneq ($$(CONFIG_PACKAGE_$(1))$(DEVELOPER)$(SDK),) ifneq ($$(CONFIG_PACKAGE_$(1))$(DEVELOPER)$(SDK),)
ifneq ($(MAKECMDGOALS),prereq) ifneq ($(MAKECMDGOALS),prereq)
ifneq ($(DUMP),1) ifneq ($(DUMP),1)
ifneq ($$(shell $(SCRIPT_DIR)/ -p -x ipkg -x ipkg-install '$$(IPKG_$(1))' '$(PKG_BUILD_DIR)'),$$(IPKG_$(1))) ifneq ($$(shell $(SCRIPT_DIR)/ -p -x ipkg -x ipkg-install '$$(IPKG_$(1))' '$(PKG_BUILD_DIR)'),$$(IPKG_$(1)))
$(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/.built: package-rebuild $(PKG_BUILD_DIR)/.built: package-rebuild
$$(info Rebuilding $(subst $(TOPDIR)/,,$$(IPKG_$(1)))) $$(info Rebuilding $(subst $(TOPDIR)/,,$$(IPKG_$(1))))
endif endif
endif endif
endif endif
endif endif
endif endif
endef endef
endif endif