clone with patches for ASUS RT-N16, Belkin PlayMax F7D4301, Linksys E3000v1, Linksys WRT610N V2. You can find builds here
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8b560db cyrus odhcpd/odhcp6c: fix HMAC-MD5 in DHCPv6-Reconfigure
e8ffd12 nbd ath9k: add another ANI fix for older chipsets
8a4bc65 nbd target/sdk: generate a file with the se…
89028ce nbd target/sdk: remove obsolete compatibility makefil…
2729ebe nbd scripts/config: make wildcard include with no res…
37b41d7 nbd target/sdk: remove obsolete exclude line
5a40f11 nbd toolchain/gcc: use 4.8-linaro by default
deb9e9d nbd target/sdk: remove some unnecessary files
e4ff815 nbd target/sdk: add support for building kernel modul…
8202255 nbd build: add a variable for the name of the {build,…
40bdcd1 luka [tools] flex: upgrade to version 2.5.38
d8cac88 luka kernel/generic: drop already upstreamed patch
0195522 nbd iproute2: add ip-full variant to disable IP_CONFI…
0f93859 nbd openssl: update to 1.0.1f