e4807e4 Chris Han 0.0.9 version bump
073e73f Chris Han Turn off smarty compile check for production
47abced Chris Han Escaping html breaks many of the non-english char…
2790e6c Chris Han Avoid duplication of refs and packed refs
7423308 Chris Han Packed ref support, based on work by Khee Chin <k…
9d6ce49 Chris Han Description links should not have an indent class
e784ce6 Khee Chin Modified display.git_summary.php so that descript…
fb253df Chris Han Use compact if test for git_projects, fix another…
4049403 Khee Chin cfh: avoid warning when passing null git_projects
d2ae224 Khee Chin Changed =& reference to = to prevent php 5.3.0 fr…
e13ff9d Khee Chin Changed all ereg references to preg_match("/regex…
3c54f84 Chris Han Only set cache lifetime if there's one to set
9d8d5c7 Chris Han Make sure we always expire cache unless user very…
898c4a7 Chris Han Bump version to 0.0.8
b3b6521 Chris Han Make git_read_revlist backwards compatible
a8a6aaa Chris Han Avoid array out of bounds
fdcde8f Chris Han Avoid duplication of code in git_read_revlist
7bb1f54 Chris Han Add function to fetch git version
843fd6a Chris Han Update documentation with caching
0d7a78a Chris Han Cache expiration isn't an error
8ab5a91 Chris Han Update config file comments
284a2d3 Chris Han Null page and zero page are the same thing
d22b09b Chris Han Initial cache expiration
15db019 Chris Han Pass age in addition to age string for refs
8e0cd59 Chris Han Cache support for blobplain using a hack
ca12f46 Chris Han Merge branch 'master' into cache
ef33076 Chris Han Cache support for snapshots
8e1c372 Chris Han Cache support for project index
28047d6 Chris Han Add caching to blobdiff_plain
4dcb018 Chris Han Enable caching
a36db0b Chris Han Add cache config options
30da39f Chris Han Keep debugging output from corrupting non-html ou…
0fbd03f Chris Han Fix output filter load logic for undefined action
5e17376 Chris Han Readd blob HEAD link and ref lookup fixes
5ce48d0 Chris Han Revert internationalization
57064c0 Chris Han Revert "Didn't mean to include this"
ec4d2e1 Chris Han Revert "Internationalize last few error messages"
5e25fbf Chris Han Revert "Internationalize plain commitdiff"
fd571e2 Chris Han Revert "Internationalize opml and rss strings"
143dbb9 Chris Han Not necessary
fc93adc Chris Han Set charset to utf-8
c4a1c3b Chris Han Internationalize opml and rss strings
c6fda61 Chris Han Internationalize plain commitdiff
0516001 Chris Han Internationalize last few error messages
3ba0ae4 Chris Han Didn't mean to include this
c8cd37d Chris Han Start internationalization
e722fbe Chris Han Output buffering isn't really necessary
6677ab9 Chris Han Don't show invalid actions
4d0413c Chris Han Include header and footer into each template rath…
ed34bca Chris Han Use global assigns for headers/footers and to avo…
01a4592 Chris Han Add debug option
73a7a3d Chris Han Indent a little for readability
458ea53 Chris Han Use message function
14624b0 Chris Han Display message function
2cbf8be Chris Han Use mesage template for projlist errors
f004002 Chris Han Don't strip whitespace from rss
d9e310a Chris Han Unify tree template
cfe5af6 Chris Han Unify tags template
a046b61 Chris Han Unify tag template
ac59451 Chris Han Minor comment change
e01fb1f Chris Han Couple of template comments
078df9c Chris Han No longer used
9f2cf1d Chris Han Unify project summary template
40cd952 Chris Han Unify shortlog template
8c65824 Chris Han Unify search templates
ffa3e0e Chris Han Incorrect comment header
6bcc043 Chris Han Unify rss template
5751976 Chris Han Geshi with pre tags was crashing templates someti…
5d6ccb1 Chris Han Right align line numbers in unhighlighted blob ou…
a6b6a04 Chris Han Adjust projects slightly
24492dd Chris Han Unify project list template
bc4b495 Chris Han Add a couple comments to the templates
1b7a21f Chris Han Unify opml template
d245cfa Chris Han Unify log template
43b4a7a Chris Han Typo in comment header
05ad3a0 Chris Han Unify history template
f0a7528 Chris Han Forgot to include heads template
bd3a029 Chris Han Unify heads template
8c2e483 Chris Han Actually this was still useful for normal output
418a3aa Chris Han This function is no longer necessary
737aebe Chris Han Unify plain commitdiff template
fcd584d Chris Han Causes plaintext to not be formatted correctly
1dcf803 Chris Han Unify commitdiff template
129039f Chris Han Adjust spacing to be a bit more readable
14aa46c Chris Han Unify commit template
10d88ce Chris Han Wasn't necessary to use a separate display functi…
245d120 Chris Han Unify blobdiff template
a00a5a8 Chris Han Break diffing logic out of the display function
4ad8eec Chris Han Comment typo
ad0f8c7 Chris Han Unify blob template
205bd6a Chris Han Version bump
ea94938 Chris Han Break into tree links on blobdiff page
88059ac Chris Han Show refs on blobdiff page
c345c33 Chris Han Use readable names in blobdiff and blobdiff_plain
e02cc2f Chris Han Show refs and break paths into tree links on hist…
2a4b963 Chris Han Show refs on commit page
36220f1 Chris Han Show refs in blob view
6b500bd Chris Han Whitespace was preventing ref lookup
a799fed Chris Han Initial path tree link support
a13aa09 Chris Han Somehow I forgot the tag page