dc5397c xiphux Add commitdiff support
82ebd72 xiphux Commit page bugfixes
4cea62c xiphux Add commit data page
acb86d6 xiphux Add log listing
619d289 xiphux Add comment explaining configuration
7303bd6 xiphux Add shortlog listing
edaad70 xiphux Add support for tree listing
3ed2802 xiphux Store title/comment, trim strings that are too lo…
1b17bd5 xiphux Make stylesheet configurable
d8cf7f9 xiphux Add summary tag/head listing
729e5d7 xiphux Add more to summary page, adjust title according …
ce5359e xiphux Add rss link and other bugfixes
767b092 xiphux Add commit/age parsing
21fa3a6 xiphux Start implementing project listing
56d71c4 xiphux Add more to header/footer templates
5238ab1 xiphux Add header/footer templates
d4b9d00 xiphux Add index and function library files, add page ti…
f3a5d57 xiphux Add initial config file