d36749a Chris Han Break out highlighting
8577f9a Chris Han Require instead of include for required files
a637ca6 Chris Han Make rss count a constant
042f887 Chris Han Make trim length a constant
42feae7 Chris Han Performance fix
7659631 Chris Han Forgot to recomment this
9620dfb Chris Han Make search a config option
59b2e56 Chris Han Fix message spacing
38e4850 Chris Han Initial search implementation
bcdb220 Chris Han Fix warning
5185133 Chris Han Try to guess the script URL
a4b713a Chris Han Move config to example file
bc10bbd Chris Han Move config file to example
198fd28 Chris Han Add project
64b9f9e Chris Han Mime type support
48a214f Chris Han These should have been in the stylesheet
39e0872 Chris Han This was categorized wrong
cf74674 Chris Han Tree link on front page
df43c1a Chris Han Show filenames in diff
9d1b91e Chris Han Create compiled template directory
1a1511b Chris Han Create compiled template directory
e16ec7c Chris Han Trailing newlines were causing blank commits to a…
4b09a04 Chris Han Some of these links are outdated
62f0fe7 Chris Han Version bump
edbec6a Chris Han Add Slash to AUTHORS
60a7b04 Chris Han These should have been assigned
2ff16b4 Chris Han Clarification of windows commands from Slash
02ba33b Chris Han Some people only know the screenname
c2277fc Chris Han Fix various stupid warnings
dc019a8 Chris Han Fix undefined order warning
70f26be Chris Han Not everyone knows what 8.3 means
759606d Chris Han posix_getpid doesn't exist on windows
d607ef1 Chris Han posix_getpwuid doesn't exist on windows
1bb308f Chris Han Make a note about 8.3 filenames
26dab70 Chris Han Make diff binary cofigurable
edcd099 Chris Han Go back to using pipes for this
136ec62 Chris Han Properly pipe git_history_list
6e30c39 Chris Han Use --git-dir instead of env GIT_DIR
3e38a50 Chris Han Add platform specific exec functions
d361dc2 Chris Han Abstract exec functions into platform-specific ve…
2e4db28 Chris Han Fix ref tagging
2a64b2b Chris Han Make truncated link always light
98351e3 Chris Han Move snapshot link in commit
5629508 Chris Han Change snapshot to tree in log
a875df8 Chris Han Add tree links to shortlog
6cf95b4 Chris Han Tags need proper paths
2f76f46 Chris Han Add tree link to heads
8195820 Chris Han Add project index link
ac269b2 Chris Han Add title to OPML export
5897cec Chris Han Make project directory search recursive
4046890 Chris Han Fix missing parameter in git_project_listentry ca…
b7eaa61 Chris Han Add website to authors
c183ca2 Chris Han Fix incorrect filename comments in templates
01b49b5 Chris Han Avoid duplicating license many times
2f86bac Chris Han Add authors and license
eeab63b Chris Han agecmp was reversed
efc0c0c Chris Han agecmp was comparing nonexistent key
2670479 Chris Han descrcmp was comparing wrong items
399a9df Chris Han Fix duplicate truncated shortlog entry
5102fcb Chris Han Fix missing header in tag display
44e1b82 Chris Han File is no longer necessary
3e02f6f Chris Han Split function library into separate files
a90d55a Chris Han Old
dfc6154 Chris Han Fix comment to reflect filename
0d17966 Chris Han Snapshot URL was not sending GET variables proper…
c480b8e Chris Han Split command constants into separate file
898d413 Chris Han Move function library to include dir in preparati…
447d132 Chris Han Pick a more sane version scheme
aa600ad Chris Han Make a note about version variable
824f4f5 Chris Han No need for ob_start to be this high
add4edd Chris Han Split version into separate file
18ce574 Chris Han Move config to its own dir
1f5338a xiphux Add cs196 and fbx projects
76982b0 xiphux Adjust projectroot and projects a bit
80d90fc xiphux Bump version
fdc6176 xiphux Fix double shell_exec call during git_tar_tree
be9ff59 xiphux Add Nuclear fusion project and remove outdated ta…
576cb00 xiphux Use link tag for stylesheet
29cd6e6 xiphux Add BTH project
1dd8e12 xiphux Recategorize projects a little and add MDB project
db69311 xiphux Add website project
2c8eabe xiphux Bump version
7f400c0 xiphux Clean up function library arrangement
e07e149 xiphux Reenable geshi
39b7c88 xiphux This project was named incorrectly
6617168 xiphux Rearrange project list
3240f55 xiphux Add support for bzip2 on snapshots
4f4ef95 xiphux Attempt to fix ordering functions
071709b xiphux Get rid of unnecessary uses of strtok
85b9927 xiphux Fix history view
233a95f xiphux Eliminate need for images dir
cf367e7 xiphux Add support for GeSHi blob output syntax highligh…
adfb83d xiphux Add incomplete list ordering support
ef53c43 xiphux Snapshot that's not on a specific commit implies …
be39337 xiphux Forgot class name on project list items
1d1af9c xiphux Temporarily switch to plain tar snapshot support,…
c11e1f9 xiphux Add incomplete snapshot support
9ff1d21 xiphux Fix commitdiff_item arrow
6afd358 xiphux Make corrections to blob output spacing, make git…
3d01b87 xiphux Add (incomplete) history support