c5e37b8 Chris Han Capitalize Atom
1285b20 Chris Han Since we support both, no reason we can't provide…
c4c70c6 Chris Han Merge atom and rss controllers
fc47e9c Christian Weiske add support for atom feeds
7e3b9ec Chris Han No need to pull the projectroot from the config a…
2d86feb Chris Han HTML escape commit tooltip
80859a8 Chris Han Bump version to 0.2.1
7ecb636 Chris Han Readd a/ to source files in commit diffs
2ca4d2e Chris Han Update xgettext script to pull from function wrap…
9f72ede Chris Han Use translation wrapper functions
9a79381 Chris Han Add "alias" wrappers for gettext functions
1c6275f Chris Han Make sure to html escape commit messages
70746a8 Christian Weiske make commit page valid
74eae9d Christian Weiske make xhtml valid when the commit message contains…
6ab87c4 Christian Weiske make most pages xhtml valid by fixing xml header …
37063f4 Christian Weiske project list page is now valid xhtml
f44ed42 Chris Han Have qtip adjust tooltips to fit in screen
3d11c64 Chris Han Msginit instead of copy in translation doc
d4470a7 Chris Han Add translation document
66c8448 Chris Han Update gibberish translation
dda1950 Chris Han Only show locale if no locale to language mapping…
b3b1451 Zaran French translation adjustments
5fecc3c Chris Han Fix history link on commit page for deleted files
0bbe3f0 Chris Han Add plain links to commit page
d8a39d8 Chris Han No longer necessary to provide the resource objec…
fa1aeb7 Chris Han Fix the way HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE is parsed
c3d74a0 Chris Han Extract language selector strings
dc0bda4 Chris Han On the user's first visit, default language from …
efcc378 Chris Han Hide gibberish locale if not in debug mode
6f3bbec Chris Han Show the locale with the language
02050da Chris Han Don't send duplicate l= values
fecde87 Chris Han Allow user to change language without explicitly …
7b56ab9 Chris Han Add menu for users to switch their language
ee88385 Chris Han Since the language can be independent of the conf…
8bccaaf Chris Han Allow on the fly change of locale
0dae21b Chris Han Add a couple helpers to the resource class
2a75c1a Chris Han regexp-ignore-case only appears in git 1.5.3
eadf589 Zaran French translation
e7755e2 Chris Han Update gibberish locale with unicode ellipsis
fb5b8d0 Chris Han Reextract with unicode ellipses
5161f94 Chris Han Specify from code when extracting strings
798c94f Chris Han Use unicode ellipsis
e5cf30f Chris Han Add plain blob link to tree view
1b96b04 Chris Han Leave a pixel of space above the log links
82708a2 Chris Han Allow setting owner, description, clone/push url …
7282a1d Chris Han Ignore the hometext template
03a5c28 Chris Han Some versions of PHP are more strict about functi…
bfa6b24 Chris Han Remove gitignore files when packing
784cbeb Chris Han Remove debug locale when packing
9316184 Chris Han Ignore compiled MO files
70e054c Chris Han Extract strings used for select diff functionalit…
d6fed31 Chris Han Allow selection to persist when jumping from log …
65d8606 Chris Han Add selection and diffing of arbitrary commits to…
fb37829 Chris Han Allow customization of projects link
1ad864e Chris Han Update README since hometext.tpl needs to be crea…
c4c5766 Chris Han Stop tracking hometext template
eb6efb0 Chris Han Add history link to blob page
029efaa Chris Han Add tarball packing script
e02d6e1 Chris Han Add some of my utility scripts
e41d1fc Chris Han Extract POT file fresh using script
858250e Chris Han A file editor must have changed the modes on thes…
7b99f1c Chris Han The LC_MESSAGES dir isn't necessary
48ac633 Chris Han This in't a po file, it's a pot
28fe693 Chris Han Forgot to extract the RSS/OPML/TXT button captions
75c9fea Chris Han Fix escaping of moved file links in commit view
20ef821 Chris Han Windows php doesn't like the date format shortcut…
9dcd618 Chris Han Remove unnecessary old resource classes, move res…
816e428 Chris Han Add gibberish locale
b1d28e9 Chris Han Add translator comments
ac92988 Chris Han Add extracted english po
d52b3d5 Chris Han Switch to gettext for i18n
8277c98 Chris Han Add copy of smarty-gettext modified to use gitphp…
e172d55 Chris Han Add php-gettext and smarty-gettext
eaadb4e Chris Han Fix reading projects from file to support multi-w…
b230a76 Chris Han Prevent crashes with empty projects
c8f1f3a Chris Han Have git ignore config files
9ce90aa Chris Han Ensure the resource manager exists when displayin…
66a4c0a Chris Han Fix loading image urls on some browsers
90a5d59 Chris Han Not sure how a redundant end head tag ended up in…
c5c0c99 Chris Han Bump version to 0.2.0
7aaeff8 Chris Han Update README with slightly different config file…
ffdec4e Chris Han Add shadows to tooltips
cf0ca23 Chris Han Upgrade GeSHi to
4175d71 Chris Han Add ajax tag tooltips
3209aa3 Chris Han Split out ref badges into their own template
65841fc Chris Han Turn off debugging for RSS and OPML/txt, it's scr…
b2b6785 Chris Han Git name-rev to find the tag on a commit is a who…
f2e3e03 Chris Han Split out revision list on shortlog page and proj…
50b2be3 Chris Han Split out head list on heads page and project sum…
6361587 Chris Han Add support for tags pointing to other tag objects
c8f72f2 Chris Han Fix tree link for heads
d763608 Chris Han Make sure message controller actually works when …
9107456 Chris Han I18N new javascript strings
ecc8bc6 Chris Han Using a different editor screwed up the file modes
c97f990 Chris Han Add locale option documentation in default config…
0ea0428 Chris Han I18N commit tooltip template
48a3226 Chris Han I18N error messages
a2e797b Chris Han Fix paths on blobdiff from commit page
d8523cd Chris Han Tokenize commitdiff strings
371d726 Chris Han Tokenize various other header links