991fde2 Chris Han Move projectlist classes to their own folder
0d29918 Chris Han Add interface to standardize pagination
fbd7360 Chris Han Factor out blame load into its own class
b9bf266 Chris Han Factor out file history into its own class
7866fb3 Chris Han Fix search string highlighting on trees
35cefc8 Chris Han Factor out file search code into its own classes
da955c3 Chris Han Rename revList to hashList to avoid confusion wit…
4a2ec4a Chris Han Factor out commit search into its own class
2f0aa3b Chris Han Factor out commit log into its own class
25b9186 Chris Han Rename Log class to DebugLog to avoid confusion
1d96faa Chris Han Store projectlist in controller
02ef86d Chris Han Use compatibility flag on commit object
72d64db Chris Han Use compatibilty flag for tag object
d670c2a Chris Han Use compatibility flag for tree and blob
2fa9cb7 Chris Han Add compatibility flag to git object
b855cdf Chris Han Store a config instance in the controller
f42e017 Chris Han Move objectmemory git config read out of memoryca…
9d7fc0f Chris Han Move exportedonly config read out of project list…
2f11a01 Chris Han Try to move config out of singleton implementatio…
cb8f6c8 Chris Han Move projectroot config read out of project list …
05996d2 Chris Han Move git config outside of project
115885b Chris Han Rename to ApplyGitConfig
0881df1 Chris Han Move git config file reader outside of project
ed6c792 Chris Han Bump version
ef768fe Chris Han Fix atom feed timestamps on windows
23f9690 Chris Han Make sure search strings are escaped
43f423d Chris Han Use double instead of single quotes on search str…
5b21a2c Chris Han HTML escape debug output
2f3b391 Chris Han Minor config helptext updates
7246d71 Chris Han Cache git exe version
518eda4 Chris Han Put abbreviated hash into snapshot filename
a9e5517 Chris Han Turn git exe into a singleton
432c11f Chris Han Fix error displaying message when projectroot is …
5848504 Chris Han Fix projectroot directory errer message
4ee79bc Chris Han Null commit shouldn't happen
0902ce0 Chris Han Allow setting the commit hash directly instead of…
766956a Chris Han Ensure hash set function is validated
abfb2fa Chris Han Disable trimwhitespace
447c8c7 Chris Han Update to Smarty 3.1.10
f0ea001 Chris Han Turn on smarty's merge compiled includes option
67ae22d Chris Han Strtok is a whole lot better for piecing out a st…
db4bcb7 Chris Han Forgot to apply settings overrides on these
b74478b Chris Han Support on-demand projectlist loading for scm man…
381472f Chris Han This should be protected
03adb6b Chris Han Support on-demand projectlist loading for file li…
6a96149 Chris Han Support on-demand projectlist loading for legacy …
68d2fb6 Chris Han Start supporting on-demand projectlist loading fo…
c99759e Chris Han Allow flagging to controllerbase that a controlle…
9b6a044 Chris Han Avoid collisions when multiple trees use the same…
adb6552 Chris Han Don't hold project reference in controller
561fb63 Chris Han Only show data load and smarty render events when…
0bb6757 Chris Han Move most project references to be fetched off of…
85b2d2e Chris Han Give singletons I have control over private const…
4f9e94e Chris Han Free up memory from as many singletons and instan…
2125222 Chris Han Clear MemoryCache before terminating
f688f82 Chris Han Clear objects smarty is holding onto immediately …
3392a68 Chris Han Add debug measurements for data load and smarty r…
8f95e38 Chris Han Default the MemoryCache size to 0 (no limit)
519abb5 Chris Han Allow memorycache to clear itself if it detects a…
a0b9024 Chris Han Move tag object to memory cache
af7808f Chris Han Move archive object to memory cache
dbe778f Chris Han Move pathtree objects to memory cache
088ac05 Chris Han Move tree contents to memory cache
050ddd7 Chris Han Cache blob objects in memory cache
2e4f135 Chris Han Cache tree objects in memory cache
c136b0e Chris Han Move commit tree to memory cache
b4bf2b4 Chris Han Move commit parents to memory cache
ee7b68c Chris Han Cache containing tag in memory cache
af8db4c Chris Han Debug MemoryCache count so I can get an idea of a…
a2b13a7 Chris Han Rearchitect memory cache to take advantage of php…
65ecebe Chris Han Disable memory cache eviction temporarily until I…
fc57cbc Chris Han Load memory cache size during initialization once
cfa6efb Chris Han Cache tag objects in memory cache
7185e06 Chris Han Increase default object memory to 150 since short…
b8fa2c1 Chris Han Cache head objects in memory cache
fb2ba80 Chris Han Cache commit objects in tunable LRU memory cache
afd076f Chris Han Fix compile errors in commit class
89eed65 Chris Han Use static function to generate commit cache key
bc00b04 Chris Han Don't hold a commit reference in tag object
7c50fea Chris Han Don't hold a commit reference in filesystem objec…
69fd8f6 Chris Han Don't hold a commit reference in the file diff cl…
5dc1f2b Chris Han Don't hold a commit reference in Head object
420a5b8 Chris Han Forgot the debug header on the end benchmark line
fa1db2d Chris Han Avoid reading ref list if we're fairly certain we…
e518807 Chris Han Remove debug code accidentally left in
aa26013 Chris Han Pull upstream php-diff fix
adfc212 Chris Han Syntax highlight Makefiles
5a8c215 Chris Han Try to decrease some of the whitespace in inline …
a104fcd Chris Han Fix mismatched columns on search files page
33de960 Chris Han Fix mismatched columns on search page
1e91f11 Chris Han Fix more escaping and unclosed tags on search page
f3c6684 Chris Han Fix author name on non-geshi blame page
8a84f89 Chris Han Fix chopping up geshi html on blame page
5a5359b Chris Han More column number mismatches
6b06147 Chris Han Missing a few html escapes
868caf0 Chris Han HTML5 validator warns on differing column numbers
b0e68b4 Chris Han Add image alt text
590f2f2 Chris Han Cellspacing attribute is obsolete
224371d Chris Han Switch to html5 doctype
cfaf043 Chris Han Update references to new website