63f0eaa Chris Han Remove unused diff code
96eeb51 Chris Han Use php-diff instead of diff exe
6f5482a Chris Han Add php-diff
8e4ba6b Tanguy Pruvot Add spanish translation
3fe4363 Tanguy Pruvot update french translation
643a1dd Chris Han Don't cache entire locale when just reading the o…
e6d27ad Chris Han Update to php-gettext 1.0.11
bdec8e0 Chris Han Reuse existing locale instance if we have it
d757768 Chris Han Add language name for Turkish
c4f697b Chris Han Turkish translation, thanks to Hasan Kiran
36bcaa6 Chris Han Remove current locale short circuit in LocaleToNa…
03d3fe0 Chris Han Update TRANSLATING to get rid of LocaleToName
fd984d1 Chris Han Sort locales in language picker
74a68b8 Chris Han Move locale name string out of Resource class int…
fdaba09 Chris Han Use rawurlencode instead of urlencode
448b4d6 Chris Han Use decodeURIComponent instead of unescape
0fa2cd1 Chris Han Add message to debug log when a project is not en…
1f42257 Chris Han Remove reference to deprecated expire action
dd303d8 Chris Han Bump version
1e250aa Chris Han Fix unescaped user input in tree/blob filenames
51dc28b Chris Han Fix unescaped user input in error messages
285176c Chris Han Fix unescaped user input in language picker
d070324 Chris Han Handle metacharacters in search input
086da06 Chris Han Fix display of unified diffs
1548bfd Chris Han Update filter call for smarty 3
9b4a139 Chris Han Fix smarty-gettext compatibility issue with smart…
259ddb4 Chris Han Update to Smarty 3.1.7
d202daf Chris Han Rewrite memcache support using new KeyValueStore
f0d52db Chris Han Update to Smarty 3.1.6
97946ea Chris Han Minimize javascript copied into overridden templa…
180d9a1 Chris Han Update jquery version numbers in overridden javas…
e0d12a3 Chris Han Work around CACHE_LIFETIME_SAVED bug in smarty 3
3ed6712 Chris Han More leading whitespace issues with smarty 3
f8efe24 Chris Han Move geshi css classes to respective templates
dc6cbf9 Chris Han Create base template for all project-specific pag…
cad4b8c Chris Han Javascripts are view-level code, move them to the…
d48a215 Chris Han Merge header and footer templates and use block i…
fd45404 Chris Han Template headers are adding leading whitespace wi…
728266b Chris Han Smarty 3 is a lot more vocal about cache filename…
631e8c1 Chris Han Smarty 3 chokes on <?xml declarations
4b19931 Chris Han Smarty 3 appears to insert junk whitespace, break…
8702d24 Chris Han Upgrade to Smarty 3, fix compile errors
53ec986 Chris Han Start using trim whitespace filter again
475878a Chris Han Fix bugs with international filenames
c0de9e0 Chris Han Attempt to handle git's commit encoding header
6f31524 Chris Han Adjust commit data load to account for unrecogniz…
8c397e8 Chris Han Fix redundant hash expansion calls
b596b4a Chris Han Update jQuery to 1.7.1
52d0ac1 Chris Han Update RequireJS to 1.0.2
5904a01 Chris Han Update GeSHi to
293493a Chris Han Add friendly name for japanese locale
896a7c6 ISHIKAWA Mutsumi Japanese translation
e62fc49 Chris Han Fallback on normal substr if the multibyte extens…
ad1f9d8 Chris Han Set internal encoding to utf-8
fb1d29e ISHIKAWA Mutsumi fix multibyte chars triming on git history
4cb0e23 Chris Han Expand hashes in URLs
4d7b450 Chris Han Add config option to turn on abbreviation checking
9a31c10 Chris Han Read abbreviate length from git config
15cc3c4 Chris Han Remove filetime checking on packs
82284e0 Chris Han Abbreviate hashes using raw git objects
7bec5b2 Chris Han Show abbreviated hash in shortlog
e7880bf Chris Han Suppress warning when nothing is returned from co…
3278fe6 Chris Han Load abbreviated hash as part of commit data in c…
ee8f375 Chris Han Fix backwards explode parameters
aed0d43 Chris Han Start adding code to abbreviate hash
ef65620 Chris Han Re-fix log order for merged branches and rebased …
c9ea6eb Chris Han Handle escaped comment chars
cc081f0 Chris Han Document git config file settings
65a138a Chris Han Store sections and variables case insensitively
07f8c2a Chris Han Read compat option from project config
6691529 Chris Han Read website from project config
3ade687 Chris Han Read bug url and pattern from project config
5b3dc6e Chris Han Read clone and push url from project config
bf8000b Chris Han Read description from config
69d5523 Chris Han Read owner from gitphp config section
8732d74 Chris Han Read category from project config
0550867 Chris Han Use config class to load project owner
a5274f1 Chris Han Fix typos in config class, add value test method
b41de50 Chris Han Create git config parser class
245c6dd Chris Han Delete Rhino source
4b2c0ff Chris Han Merge branch 'experimental/requirejs'
f1fd111 Steve Clay fix line links
332a7ec Chris Han Use namespace object instead of global variables …
3fba102 Chris Han Move javascript constants to their own template
d5e95f5 Chris Han Reorder scripts and css in header a bit
9fece9c Chris Han Remove yuicompressor from tree
8805669 Chris Han Optimize css using requirejs
8fa1c34 Chris Han Use the closure compiler for minification
d909034 Chris Han Minify and combine javascripts
83a2eb0 Chris Han Add requirejs optimizer
2020e26 Chris Han Add Rhino
8b3b4f6 Chris Han Turn tree drilldown into a module
7d31625 Chris Han Forgot to stop parsing url
9b9e844 Chris Han Make page specific loaders depend on common
d633222 Chris Han Turn side by side diff into a module
6c5c7f6 Chris Han Don't use global jquery
71bac64 Chris Han Move url munging into utility functions
3f21e9c Chris Han Move modules to their own directory
ea0fc1e Chris Han Turn blame into a module
1f80e2e Chris Han Turn project search into a module