03c4850 Chris Han Extract file/directory not found strings
bb6f306 Chris Han Throw an error when an invalid path is specified …
37034e1 Chris Han Don't include d3 in minification
9432062 Chris Han No need to develop with minified modernizr
f31e6b7 Chris Han Use search type for commit search field
b5422db Chris Han Don't show duplicate search clear button if webki…
b97d5d4 Chris Han Use search type field for project list search
e89ac73 Chris Han Use time tags to attach machine readable data to …
83aecc8 Chris Han Set html lang based on selected locale
7d5f948 Chris Han Ensure tag and head lists have consistent columns…
07c8b78 Chris Han Remove redundant escape flags
f830183 Chris Han Disable escaping on plaintext urls
41cf7c2 Chris Han Make escaping html entities the default for geturl
39c6b4b Christian Weiske escape project description
3d79c53 Chris Han Modify project templates to not clobber rel vcs l…
a527d9c Christian Weiske Add rel="vcs-git" links to enable autodiscovery o…
9ab22bc Chris Han Provide clean url endpoints for individual heads
d17561d Chris Han Allow extension fileinfo strategy on windows
8fb6492 Chris Han Fix clean url resolution on windows
a851a0e Chris Han German translation fix
861ead2 Chris Han Update Smarty to 3.1.11
5de2ccd Chris Han Explicit ldelim/rdelim is no longer required in s…
fba1107 Chris Han Use a single minified javascript header rather th…
a97b8eb Chris Han Make url and project getters precalculated rather…
7b69e2c Chris Han Pass resource strings as requirejs config rather …
b3ecc33 Chris Han Pass project as requirejs config rather than glob…
c4cedb5 Chris Han Pass base url as requirejs config rather than glo…
2245ce1 Chris Han Pass snapshot formats as requirejs config rather …
6e71239 Chris Han Adjust dynamic requires to minify more code and l…
6551da9 Chris Han Exclude qtip from minified files
b81b768 Chris Han Don't use custom globals to define javascript mod…
e0fb95f Chris Han Update qtip to get AMD loader support
2e136e1 Chris Han Update requirejs to 2.0.6
a0ca4d4 Chris Han Update jquery to 1.8.1
a47986f Chris Han Move charset declaration to content-type header
30b014c Chris Han Build gzip versions when minifying for serving gz…
8d292f4 Chris Han Use minified version of qtip css
a052d4f Chris Han Fix a couple phpdoc errors
31b1dee Chris Han Ensure tags and heads cachekeys are unique per pa…
def134d Chris Han Use no-merges for history instead of max-parents
6a4e404 Chris Han Fix objectcache compression
9af3b66 Chris Han Add pagination to ref pages
ab26317 Chris Han Don't repeatedly create ref objects when finding …
cedb440 Chris Han Defer creation of history filediffs
460a668 Chris Han Fix history pagination
3a79c6c Chris Han Add history pagination links to interface
b0707c0 Chris Han Implement pagination interface on history
8c5c819 Chris Han Add single history commit blob diff
dd51f53 Chris Han Dont clobber paths in revlist args
4b258eb Chris Han Remove redundant pack index check
228ae7e Chris Han Avoid redundant deserialization when checking cac…
41b6a23 Chris Han Support igbinary for object cache serialization
fe76a18 Chris Han Fix full url on http protocol
8eb8092 Chris Han Cache results of result constraints (decrease imp…
1f190cf Chris Han Fix url generation and resolution on base domain …
cb992be Chris Han Store urls on router rather than in template
8d52ef4 Chris Han Require router in url builder function
73723a1 Chris Han Get clean url setting off of router
c06868d Chris Han Clean up js url consts a bit
f193260 Chris Han Merge arrays using function instead of manually
16ad81d Chris Han Precalculate route internals rather than double-s…
b847d96 Chris Han Cache more high traffic route info
3d2f33b Chris Han Make route parent immutable
215792d Chris Han Cache high traffic but constant route info
2cc7dd8 Chris Han Fix matching parent constraints
74be986 Chris Han Avoid converting query variables to parameters mu…
290a33e Chris Han Fix docblock error
6bdc0a4 Chris Han Move router classes to their own namespace
b692372 Chris Han Use common functions to convert between parameter…
c81e3f8 Chris Han Exclude outside of querystring function
9a25cd1 Chris Han Don't convert query params inside route finder
f701ca3 Chris Han Use route class for routing
3feb8ee Chris Han Create single route class
eb90990 Chris Han Factor out base url into a common function
8d20ff6 Chris Han Really minor performance adjustments
6b52fd9 Chris Han Fix baseurl on root installs
2df3c9e Chris Han Allow slashes in ref hashes
b07a4b0 Chris Han Don't escape slashes in project clean urls
f7e8f59 Chris Han Match routes using preg
155bf2a Chris Han Don't store pattern delimiters in the route
a5248d2 Chris Han Fix clean urls for blob page without a blob hash
71bcf8a Chris Han Add link to clean url instruction wiki
a1306b6 Chris Han Minor index cleanup
bb4aabf Chris Han Add clean url for blame
eb064bc Chris Han Add page relationship links on paginated pages
7108a9f Chris Han Add clean urls for commit diff and blob diff
39a8899 Chris Han Fix history diff blob abbreviation
92aa385 Chris Han Discriminate route constraints before iterating t…
2a9e358 Chris Han Add clean url for history
d950779 Chris Han Remove redundant routes
34e5005 Chris Han Omit index.php with clean urls even without param…
8d00f07 Chris Han Pluralize once rather than repeatedly (call_user_…
7a39a89 Chris Han Set abbreviate setting on router instance
9d46c2c Chris Han Reuse single router instance instead of repeatedl…
60b85e2 Chris Han Get message controller off of router
297b41b Chris Han Set standard controller parameters dynamically
78a9ef1 Chris Han Build query strings dynamically
00b2f9b Chris Han Map query vars once in the instance
b928702 Chris Han Rename ambiguous query variable functions
bf05c9d Chris Han Url encode all parameters in a central location