Fix other debug log messages to fit better with key/value display
[gitphp.git] / include / Resource.class.php
Chris Han Set html lang based on selected locale
Chris Han Fix docblock errors
Chris Han Remove static debug locale
Chris Han Const doc tag isn't recognized by phpdoc
Chris Han Get rid of resource manager singleton
Chris Han Structure resource class more like an instance
Chris Han Get rid of global gettext functions that depend o…
Chris Han This is unnecessary with updated xgettext script
Chris Han Don't rely on config singleton in resource class
Chris Han Clean up docblock on base namespace objects
Chris Han Use autoloading to load class files
Chris Han Free up memory from as many singletons and instan…
Chris Han Don't cache entire locale when just reading the o…
Chris Han Reuse existing locale instance if we have it
Chris Han Remove current locale short circuit in LocaleToNa…
Chris Han Sort locales in language picker
Chris Han Move locale name string out of Resource class int…
Chris Han Add friendly name for japanese locale
seefan Chinese translation
Chris Han Make language setting cookie a permanent cookie
Andy Tandler German translation
Aidsoid Russian translation
Chris Han Fix resource header, add version header
Chris Han Fix up warnings/errors in phpdoc tags
Chris Han Add "alias" wrappers for gettext functions
Chris Han Fix the way HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE is parsed
Chris Han On the user's first visit, default language from …
Chris Han Hide gibberish locale if not in debug mode
Chris Han Add menu for users to switch their language
Chris Han Allow on the fly change of locale
Chris Han Add a couple helpers to the resource class
Chris Han The LC_MESSAGES dir isn't necessary
Chris Han Remove unnecessary old resource classes, move res…