Add website project
[gitphp.git] / gitphp.lib.php
xiphux Clean up function library arrangement
xiphux Add support for bzip2 on snapshots
xiphux Attempt to fix ordering functions
xiphux Get rid of unnecessary uses of strtok
xiphux Fix history view
xiphux Add support for GeSHi blob output syntax highligh…
xiphux Add incomplete list ordering support
xiphux Temporarily switch to plain tar snapshot support,…
xiphux Add incomplete snapshot support
xiphux Make corrections to blob output spacing, make git…
xiphux Add (incomplete) history support
xiphux Add blobdiff and blobdiff_plain support
xiphux Add blob and blob_plain support
xiphux Add RSS support
xiphux Finish OPML support
xiphux Start on OPML, make plaintext contextdiff into te…
xiphux Add self config parameter
xiphux Add heads/tags support
xiphux Add commitdiff plaintext support
xiphux Add commitdiff support
xiphux Commit page bugfixes
xiphux Add commit data page
xiphux Add log listing
xiphux Add shortlog listing
xiphux Add support for tree listing
xiphux Store title/comment, trim strings that are too lo…
xiphux Add summary tag/head listing
xiphux Add more to summary page, adjust title according …
xiphux Add rss link and other bugfixes
xiphux Add commit/age parsing
xiphux Start implementing project listing
xiphux Add index and function library files, add page ti…