Add option to show restricted projects as disabled
[gitphp.git] / css / gitphpskin.css
Chris Han Add option to show restricted projects as disabled
Chris Han Start adding minor style to login link
Chris Han Remove git logo
Chris Han Allow tooltips to expand more to work better with…
Chris Han Update qtip to get AMD loader support
Chris Han Style the pgp signatures in tags
Chris Han Style the signed-off-by lines in commit messages
Chris Han Allow displaying a website url for a project
Tanguy Pruvot ShortLog: Show only 'real commit' titles in bold
Chris Han Define background for commitdiff TOC
Chris Han Allow side by side commitdiff TOC to show the cho…
Chris Han Add a count to the side by side table of contents
Chris Han Increase TOC indent a bit
Chris Han Start working on sidebar navigation for side by s…
Chris Han Detach class names from model code so we can chan…
Chris Han Move side by side diff look-and-feel related styl…
Chris Han Remove a few generic styles
Chris Han Clean up CSS stylesheets, split apart functional …