Merge branch 'stylesheet'
[gitphp.git] / templates / searchfiles.tpl
Chris Han Remove a few generic styles
Christian Weiske make most pages xhtml valid by fixing xml header …
Chris Han Switch to gettext for i18n
Chris Han Prevent crashes with empty projects
Chris Han Tokenize various other header links
Chris Han Add i18n framework and start tokenizing some stri…
Marijn Koesen urlencoded the project's name, for projects like …
Chris Han Add highlighting and trimming in file search, sho…
Chris Han Use the same template variable for commits, regar…
Chris Han Move filesearch code to commit class
Chris Han Fix header css on pages
Chris Han Export the project object itself to the template
Chris Han Revert internationalization
Chris Han Start internationalization
Chris Han Include header and footer into each template rath…
Chris Han Unify shortlog template
Chris Han Unify search templates