Restore compatibility with PHP < 5.3.6
[gitphp.git] / locale / gitphp.pot
Chris Han Extract disabled function string
Chris Han Extract unauthorized project resource string
Chris Han Make sure javascript login is internationalized
Chris Han Use divs for login form layout, start adding styl…
Chris Han Extract file/directory not found strings
Chris Han Access static resources with absolute paths
Chris Han Add localized exception for config file read error
Chris Han Handle displaying binary file diff message in tem…
Chris Han Don't use exception to return no results for a se…
Chris Han Remove references to unused strings
Chris Han Move locale name string out of Resource class int…
Chris Han Extract website string
Chris Han Extract new diff message
Chris Han Extract new strings
Mattias Ulbrich Implemented side-by-side diff comparison of files
Chris Han Extract executable error messages into gettext
Chris Han Extract strings
Chris Han Extract memcache error string
Chris Han Extract atom strings
Chris Han Extract language selector strings
Chris Han Reextract with unicode ellipses
Chris Han Extract strings used for select diff functionalit…
Chris Han Extract POT file fresh using script
Chris Han A file editor must have changed the modes on thes…
Chris Han This in't a po file, it's a pot