Restore compatibility with PHP < 5.3.6
[gitphp.git] / config / gitphp.conf.defaults.php
Chris Han Add option to show restricted projects as disabled
Chris Han Add option to filter commits from feeds using a p…
Chris Han Disable graphing
Chris Han Add link to clean url instruction wiki
Chris Han Document clean url config option (wiki page still…
Chris Han Add option to generate abbreviated hashes in urls
Chris Han Add a note about disabling objectcache compression
Chris Han Add compression support to objectcache data
Chris Han Make graphing a config option
Chris Han Remove geshiroot config setting
Chris Han Remove smarty_prefix config setting
Chris Han Minor config helptext updates
Chris Han Default the MemoryCache size to 0 (no limit)
Chris Han Increase default object memory to 150 since short…
Chris Han Cache commit objects in tunable LRU memory cache
Chris Han Remove references to unused config values
Chris Han Add config option to turn on abbreviation checking
Chris Han Support for using Google Libraries API to serve j…
Chris Han Turn on benchmarking separately from debugging
Chris Han Make the limit for the git exe fallback for the l…
Chris Han Document compat config option
Chris Han Clean up CSS stylesheets, split apart functional …
Chris Han Document objectcache option
Chris Han Document bug url config options
Chris Han Note memcache requirements in config file
Chris Han Document memcache config option
Chris Han Don't require trailing slash for self url
Chris Han Don't require trailing slash for smarty/geshi inc…
Chris Han Don't require trailing slash for temp dir
Chris Han Don't require trailing slash for clone/push urls
Chris Han Don't require trailing slash for projectroot
Chris Han Allow customization of projects link
Chris Han Add locale option documentation in default config…
Chris Han Add a config to turn off javascript
Chris Han Make git-daemon-export-ok exclusion a config value
Chris Han Try to simplify the config for users