Fix header css on pages
[gitphp.git] / index.php
Chris Han Let smarty decide date formatting rather than dat…
Chris Han Move all display functions into controller classe…
Chris Han Move heads to their own class, get rid of old ref…
Chris Han Use iteration over project list rather than proje…
Chris Han Create and use commit object
Chris Han Start using objects for certain things that never…
Chris Han Create projectlist classes
Chris Han Rename classes to include a fake namespace, since…
Chris Han Start transitioning project info to a class
Chris Han Move config handling to a class
Chris Han Remove the compile check disable because it screw…
Chris Han Initial blame support
Chris Han Move null stripping to one line for all three pro…
Jonathan Kolb Prevent manual access to unlisted projects using …
Chris Han Fix warnings
Jonathan Kolb Gitosis support
Chris Han Sanitize project path to avoid directory traversal
Chris Han Turn off smarty compile check for production
Chris Han Use compact if test for git_projects, fix another…
Khee Chin cfh: avoid warning when passing null git_projects
Khee Chin Changed =& reference to = to prevent php 5.3.0 fr…
Chris Han Only set cache lifetime if there's one to set
Chris Han Make sure we always expire cache unless user very…
Chris Han Cache expiration isn't an error
Chris Han Initial cache expiration
Chris Han Merge branch 'master' into cache
Chris Han Cache support for snapshots
Chris Han Enable caching
Chris Han Keep debugging output from corrupting non-html ou…
Chris Han Fix output filter load logic for undefined action
Chris Han Revert internationalization
Chris Han Start internationalization
Chris Han Output buffering isn't really necessary
Chris Han Don't show invalid actions
Chris Han Include header and footer into each template rath…
Chris Han Use global assigns for headers/footers and to avo…
Chris Han Add debug option
Chris Han Use message function
Chris Han Don't strip whitespace from rss
Chris Han Unify opml template
Chris Han Actually this was still useful for normal output
Chris Han Causes plaintext to not be formatted correctly
Chris Han Somehow I forgot the tag page
Chris Han Support gzip compression for snapshots
Chris Han Initial file search functionality
Chris Han Require instead of include for required files
Chris Han Make search a config option
Chris Han Initial search implementation
Chris Han Fix various stupid warnings
Chris Han Fix undefined order warning
Chris Han Add project index link
Chris Han Avoid duplicating license many times
Chris Han Split function library into separate files
Chris Han Move function library to include dir in preparati…
Chris Han No need for ob_start to be this high
Chris Han Split version into separate file
Chris Han Move config to its own dir
xiphux Bump version
xiphux Bump version
xiphux Add incomplete list ordering support
xiphux Add incomplete snapshot support
xiphux Add (incomplete) history support
xiphux Add blobdiff and blobdiff_plain support
xiphux Add blob and blob_plain support
xiphux Add RSS support
xiphux Finish OPML support
xiphux Start on OPML, make plaintext contextdiff into te…
xiphux Add heads/tags support
xiphux Add commitdiff plaintext support
xiphux Add commitdiff support
xiphux Add commit data page
xiphux Add log listing
xiphux Add shortlog listing
xiphux Add support for tree listing
xiphux Make stylesheet configurable
xiphux Add more to summary page, adjust title according …
xiphux Add rss link and other bugfixes
xiphux Start implementing project listing
xiphux Add more to header/footer templates
xiphux Add header/footer templates
xiphux Add index and function library files, add page ti…