Remove the commit containing tag from the cache
[gitphp.git] / include / git / Commit.class.php
Chris Han Remove the commit containing tag from the cache
Chris Han Implement object caching for commits
Chris Han Make archiver into its own class
Chris Han Use unicode ellipsis
Chris Han Git name-rev to find the tag on a commit is a who…
Chris Han Add support for tags pointing to other tag objects
Chris Han Fix trees with multiple names getting mixed up
Chris Han Fix gzip snapshots to use the right variable
Tejas Dinkar Adding support for getting a tarball of a particu…
Chris Han Fix highlight and trim when searching commit mess…
Chris Han Move command definitions into exe class file
Chris Han Move filesearch code to commit class
Chris Han Move history listing code to blob object
Chris Han Move code to lookup the tag containing a commit i…
Chris Han Use tree object data for tree view (incomplete)
Chris Han Move standard searches (commit/author/committer) …
Chris Han Get rid of trailing empty line in commit comment
Chris Han Start using classes for tree diffs
Chris Han Let smarty decide date formatting rather than dat…
Chris Han Move all display functions into controller classe…
Chris Han Move snapshot formats back to defs file
Chris Han Move snapshotting to commit class
Chris Han Start getting ref info from object (some page hea…
Chris Han There's no need to keep passing gitbin in
Chris Han Create and use commit object