Improving performance of fetching git objects by using git cat-file --batch through a pipe. Also improved debug output and added destructor-based auto-timers
[gitphp.git] / index.php
Yuriy Nasretdinov Improving performance of fetching git objects by …
Chris Han Really minor performance adjustments
Chris Han Minor index cleanup
Chris Han Get message controller off of router
Chris Han Make router instance instead of static
Chris Han Add clean urls for snapshot
Chris Han Move _GET parsing out of controllers
Chris Han Defer controller initialization
Chris Han Read action inside router
Chris Han Rename supercontroller
Chris Han Don't rethrow known exceptions
Chris Han Get rid of config singleton
Chris Han Get config off of controller
Chris Han Get rid of resource manager singleton
Chris Han Consume message exception directly in message con…
Chris Han Forgot default config values in index
Chris Han This is unnecessary
Chris Han Get rid of debug log singleton
Chris Han Get log instance for display from controller
Chris Han Get rid of git exe singleton
Chris Han Move git exe validation inside controller
Chris Han Don't rethrow known message exceptions in debug m…
Chris Han Remove memory cache singleton
Chris Han Get rid of projectlist singleton
Chris Han Remove geshiroot config setting
Chris Han Remove smarty_prefix config setting
Chris Han Remove some unused constants
Chris Han Use autoloading to load class files
Chris Han Move old archive constants to config class so we …
Chris Han Move projectlist classes to their own folder
Chris Han Rename Log class to DebugLog to avoid confusion
Chris Han HTML escape debug output
Chris Han Turn git exe into a singleton
Chris Han Start supporting on-demand projectlist loading fo…
Chris Han Free up memory from as many singletons and instan…
Chris Han Clear MemoryCache before terminating
Chris Han Debug MemoryCache count so I can get an idea of a…
Chris Han Remove unused diff code
Chris Han Set internal encoding to utf-8
Tanguy Pruvot Cache project list if set to auto discover them
Chris Han Put html line breaks between debug messages
Chris Han Don't require a valid diff exe if using xdiff
Chris Han Make language setting cookie a permanent cookie
Chris Han Move the config value out of the error message st…
Chris Han Show an error message if the git or diff EXEs are…
Chris Han Fix up warnings/errors in phpdoc tags
Chris Han Start adding object cache class - framework for e…
Chris Han Add memcache cache handler function
Chris Han Move the code to add a slash into one place
Chris Han Make archiver into its own class
Chris Han Return HTTP 500 on configuration error
Chris Han Allow message exception to signal message control…
Chris Han Use translation wrapper functions
Chris Han Fix the way HTTP_ACCEPT_LANGUAGE is parsed
Chris Han On the user's first visit, default language from …
Chris Han Allow on the fly change of locale
Chris Han Remove unnecessary old resource classes, move res…
Chris Han Switch to gettext for i18n
Chris Han Ensure the resource manager exists when displayin…
Chris Han Add i18n framework and start tokenizing some stri…
Chris Han Re-enable exception catch for messages
Chris Han New way of specifying projects and categories
Chris Han Try to simplify the config for users
Chris Han Remove constants file since there was pretty much…
Chris Han Test for projectroot before attempting to instant…
Chris Han Remove unused constant
Chris Han Current project global no longer needed
Chris Han Comment out global exception catch temporarily to…
Chris Han Add a logger
Chris Han Let smarty decide date formatting rather than dat…
Chris Han Move all display functions into controller classe…
Chris Han Move heads to their own class, get rid of old ref…
Chris Han Use iteration over project list rather than proje…
Chris Han Create and use commit object
Chris Han Start using objects for certain things that never…
Chris Han Create projectlist classes
Chris Han Rename classes to include a fake namespace, since…
Chris Han Start transitioning project info to a class
Chris Han Move config handling to a class
Chris Han Remove the compile check disable because it screw…
Chris Han Initial blame support
Chris Han Move null stripping to one line for all three pro…
Jonathan Kolb Prevent manual access to unlisted projects using …
Chris Han Fix warnings
Jonathan Kolb Gitosis support
Chris Han Sanitize project path to avoid directory traversal
Chris Han Turn off smarty compile check for production
Chris Han Use compact if test for git_projects, fix another…
Khee Chin cfh: avoid warning when passing null git_projects
Khee Chin Changed =& reference to = to prevent php 5.3.0 fr…
Chris Han Only set cache lifetime if there's one to set
Chris Han Make sure we always expire cache unless user very…
Chris Han Cache expiration isn't an error
Chris Han Initial cache expiration
Chris Han Merge branch 'master' into cache
Chris Han Cache support for snapshots
Chris Han Enable caching
Chris Han Keep debugging output from corrupting non-html ou…
Chris Han Fix output filter load logic for undefined action
Chris Han Revert internationalization