Apply description from repo config value "gitweb.description" in absence of "gitphp.description".
[gitphp.git] / include / git / projectlist / ProjectListBase.class.php
Andy Wilkinson Apply description from repo config value "gitweb.…
Chris Han Fix empty value handling for some other config va…
Chris Han Filter project list based on logged in user
Chris Han Start loading allowedusers setting from config
Chris Han Add option to generate abbreviated hashes in urls
Chris Han Inject objectloader directly instead of getting i…
Chris Han Inject config class into projectlist
Chris Han Rename project list config getters/setters
Chris Han Inject cache and memorycache into projectlist
Chris Han Const doc tag isn't recognized by phpdoc
Chris Han Add specific exception for invalid directory in c…
Chris Han Add specific exception for missing projectroot co…
Chris Han Move config defaults to a central location
Chris Han Didn't mean to add these doc tags
Chris Han Make non-directory project an error
Chris Han Inject git exe into project list
Chris Han Inject exe into object manager
Chris Han Use load strategies for project
Chris Han Set compat on object manager instead of pulling i…
Chris Han Remove now unused code in reflist
Chris Han Use load strategies on tag list
Chris Han Use load strategies on head list
Chris Han Rename InstantiateProject to LoadProject
Chris Han Inject dependent classes into project class
Chris Han Use messageexception for known end user messages
Chris Han Attach logger to projectlist as observer
Chris Han Remove memory cache singleton
Chris Han Remove object cache singleton
Chris Han Inject cache instance into manager instead of rel…
Chris Han Get rid of projectlist sort global constants
Chris Han Clean up projectlist docblocks
Chris Han Use autoloading to load class files
Chris Han Move projectlist classes to their own folder