Merge pull request #10 from phantom94/patch-1
[gitphp.git] / include / git / GitObjectManager.class.php
Chris Han Share blob size loading code
Chris Han Fix single-blob diff with abbreviated hashes
Chris Han Add option to generate abbreviated hashes in urls
Chris Han Inject objectloader directly instead of getting i…
Chris Han Fix objectcache load for commits
Chris Han Inject exe into object manager
Chris Han Set compat on object manager instead of pulling i…
Chris Han Get rid of unnecessary compat flag on git objects
Chris Han Use load strategies for tree
Chris Han Use load strategies for tag
Chris Han Use load strategies for commit
Chris Han Use load strategies for blob
Chris Han Inject dependent classes into project class
Chris Han Attach logger to projectlist as observer
Chris Han Remove memory cache singleton
Chris Han Inject cache instance into manager instead of rel…
Chris Han Pass cache instance into filediff as opposed to r…
Chris Han Use observer to decouple objectcache dependency
Chris Han Move git object class factory to its own class