Merge pull request #10 from phantom94/patch-1
[gitphp.git] / include / controller / Controller_Project.class.php
Yuriy Nasretdinov Improving performance of fetching git objects by …
Chris Han Cleanup unused variables
Chris Han Move _GET parsing out of controllers
Chris Han Disable raw logload for now
Chris Han Use instance of resource manager for controller n…
Chris Han Use shared instance of git exe across controllers
Chris Han Use load strategies for log
Chris Han Accidentally messed up navigation on project page
Chris Han Fix crash on empty projects
Chris Han Clean up controller docblocks
Chris Han Use autoloading to load class files
Chris Han Factor out tag list into its own class
Chris Han Factor out head list into its own class
Chris Han Factor out commit log into its own class
Chris Han Allow flagging to controllerbase that a controlle…
Chris Han Don't hold project reference in controller
Chris Han Use count parameter on head/tag list
Chris Han Use translation wrapper functions
Chris Han Switch to gettext for i18n
Chris Han I18N error messages
Chris Han Display action in header
Chris Han Move clone url onto project object
Chris Han Have controller use project object log
Chris Han Let smarty decide date formatting rather than dat…
Chris Han Move all display functions into controller classe…