Merge pull request #10 from phantom94/patch-1
[gitphp.git] / include / controller / Controller_Blame.class.php
Chris Han Throw an error when an invalid path is specified …
Chris Han Use output parameter instead of separate paramete…
Chris Han Move _GET parsing out of controllers
Chris Han Use instance of resource manager for controller n…
Chris Han Move config defaults to a central location
Chris Han Use shared instance of git exe across controllers
Chris Han Inject git exe into file blame class
Chris Han Don't reference logger singleton in controllers
Chris Han Move git object class factory to its own class
Chris Han Clean up controller docblocks
Chris Han Remove geshiroot config setting
Chris Han Use autoloading to load class files
Chris Han Factor out blame load into its own class
Chris Han Factor out file search code into its own classes
Chris Han Rename Log class to DebugLog to avoid confusion
Chris Han Store a config instance in the controller
Chris Han Allow flagging to controllerbase that a controlle…
Chris Han Don't hold project reference in controller
Chris Han Syntax highlight Makefiles
Chris Han Fix chopping up geshi html on blame page
Chris Han Move geshi css classes to respective templates
Chris Han Don't require trailing slash for smarty/geshi inc…
Chris Han Use translation wrapper functions
Chris Han Switch to gettext for i18n
Chris Han I18N error messages
Chris Han Fix trees with multiple names getting mixed up
Chris Han Start working on ajax blame load
Chris Han Add geshi support to blame page
Chris Han Fix bug where file path was displaying duplicated…
Chris Han Display action in header
Chris Han Use blob as template variable for blob objects, r…
Chris Han Use the same template variable for commits, regar…
Chris Han Move path code into filesystemobject class and pa…
Chris Han Fixes to blame
Chris Han Move blame code inside blob object
Chris Han Move all display functions into controller classe…