Minify css
[gitphp.git] / templates / header.tpl
Chris Han Minify css
Chris Han Clean up CSS stylesheets, split apart functional …
Chris Han Add attribution and link to footer
Chris Han Allow pages to use minified versions of javascrip…
Chris Han Move javascript path and extension hardcodes out …
Chris Han Show a message when no matching projects are found
Chris Han Add snapshot format selection popup
Chris Han Capitalize Atom
Christian Weiske add support for atom feeds
Christian Weiske make most pages xhtml valid by fixing xml header …
Christian Weiske project list page is now valid xhtml
Chris Han Only show locale if no locale to language mapping…
Chris Han Extract language selector strings
Chris Han Show the locale with the language
Chris Han Don't send duplicate l= values
Chris Han Allow user to change language without explicitly …
Chris Han Add menu for users to switch their language
Chris Han Use unicode ellipsis
Chris Han Allow customization of projects link
Chris Han Switch to gettext for i18n
Chris Han Not sure how a redundant end head tag ended up in…
Chris Han I18N new javascript strings
Chris Han Add i18n framework and start tokenizing some stri…
Chris Han Start working on ajax blame load
Chris Han No need to include the extra css style block if i…
Chris Han Add a config to turn off javascript
Chris Han Start working on commit message tooltips
Marijn Koesen urlencoded the project's name, for projects like …
Chris Han Turn script url into a smarty function, fix a few…
Chris Han Change git link to point to git homepage
Chris Han Update copyright in header
Chris Han Use blob as template variable for blob objects, r…
Chris Han Use the same template variable for commits, regar…
Chris Han Use tree object data for tree view (incomplete)
Chris Han Start getting log off of project object, unify lo…
Chris Han Export the project object itself to the template
Chris Han Move all display functions into controller classe…
Chris Han Move image to its own directory
Chris Han Move css to a directory
Chris Han Use CSS with geshi
Chris Han Revert internationalization
Chris Han Not necessary
Chris Han Set charset to utf-8
Chris Han Start internationalization
Chris Han Don't show invalid actions
Chris Han Use global assigns for headers/footers and to avo…
Chris Han Indent a little for readability
Chris Han Initial file search functionality
Chris Han Make search a config option
Chris Han Initial search implementation
Chris Han These should have been in the stylesheet
Chris Han Avoid duplicating license many times
xiphux Use link tag for stylesheet
xiphux Eliminate need for images dir
xiphux Make stylesheet configurable
xiphux Add rss link and other bugfixes
xiphux Add more to header/footer templates
xiphux Add header/footer templates