Remove the in-memory tree and blob cache
author Chris Han
committer Chris Han
commit e806867afd87a9b035436dfdb2e8d42374b7711b
tree 59ed0db8bbeef46047d9ed23e2c100521b0f19af
parent 5fbfcc36ea715f1863a055848a65fcfa0a551e93
Remove the in-memory tree and blob cache

Tree and blob objects can't be reliably cached in-memory during runtime
because trees and blobs are hashes of their content, but the objects
also contain info such as parent commit and filename - something not
inherently tied to a blob hash. If the same blob or tree is used in two
different places for two different paths and loaded from the cache, the
second time will carry over the path and commit from the first, which is
incorrect data.
When these objects are enabled for the object cache, they'll have
fine-grained control over their serialization, so we can skip data like
these fields that shouldn't carry over to multiple instances.