Try to simplify the config for users
author Chris Han
committer Chris Han
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Try to simplify the config for users

Now the example config file only has the bare minimum config option (projectroot). It
also has the git projects array (since that is frequently used), and the cache option
commented out (since really everyone should be using caching, but it requires setup of
the cache directory so I can't enable it by default).

All other non-essential config options have been moved to a defaults file that doesn't
actually get loaded or used at all, but is just for documentation purposes. Users can
copy any config values from the defaults file into their config file and set as necessary.

Will need to evaluate to see if any other really frequently used config options should be
copied from the defaults file to the example file so users are more likely to see them.
config/gitphp.conf.defaults.php [ new file with mode 0644 ]