Allow on the fly change of locale
author Chris Han
committer Chris Han
commit 8bccaaf7048c4ef9b6d762df17e22d4646002520
tree cb11aec6ff4fba003a381b97f00c2b1b78bd653c
parent 0dae21b53c6a51c56a6dc7b71d7ea67a5600597f
Allow on the fly change of locale

This only adds the GET variable to do the switch, the UI option isn't
there yet.
This parsing needs to be done really early because we need to do the
language switch/load before anything else happens... however I really
don't like parsing get variables so early in the index like this because
it's breaking the controller scheme that everything else uses. I may
not be able to get around that, but I'd at least like to clean it up and
maybe move this code out of the index into a function or something.