Make git-daemon-export-ok exclusion a config value
author Chris Han
committer Chris Han
commit 8a897b369a8c4be51a6cb791e6e70e204c1f0bf1
tree 31ed1120e7ab9921e15cc8e91c2ee05a6a54eff1
parent c07b77e7a61ac5019b23d1616239aa3c210f6ead
Make git-daemon-export-ok exclusion a config value

Just enabling this would be an automatic change, and many people
would suddenly see all their projects disappear and not know what
happened. I like the idea of respecting git-daemon-export-ok but I
can't reasonably expect everyone to go through all their repositories
and add this when they upgrade, so the exclusion is set by a config
option that's off by default.

Also, Gitweb doesn't do this at all so the odds of people having this
magic file set are even lower.