Move locale name string out of Resource class into gettext file
[gitphp.git] / locale / ja_JP / gitphp.po
blob:a/locale/ja_JP/gitphp.po -> blob:b/locale/ja_JP/gitphp.po
--- a/locale/ja_JP/gitphp.po
+++ b/locale/ja_JP/gitphp.po
@@ -735,3 +735,13 @@
 msgid "website"
 msgstr "website"
+# This is the name of YOUR language, in your language.
+# Don't just translate the word "English".
+# This will be displayed as a choice in the language picker for your language.
+# You want this in your native language so speakers of your language
+# will recognize it.  For example, a french translation would translate
+# this as "Français".
+#: include/Resource.class.php:121
+msgid "English"
+msgstr "日本語"