{* * blob.tpl * gitphp: A PHP git repository browser * Component: Blob view template * * Copyright (C) 2009 Christopher Han *} {include file='header.tpl'} {* If we managed to look up commit info, we have enough info to display the full header - othewise just use a simple header *}
{if $fullnav} {$title} {if $hashbaseref} {$hashbaseref} {/if} {else}
{* The path to the file, with directories broken into tree links *} [{$project}] / {foreach from=$paths item=path name=paths} {if $smarty.foreach.paths.last} {$path.short} {else} {$path.short} / {/if} {/foreach}
{if $mime && $data} {* We're trying to display an image *}
{elseif $geshiout} {* We're using the highlighted output from geshi *} {$geshiout} {else} {* Just plain display *} {foreach from=$lines item=line name=lines} {/foreach}
{$smarty.foreach.lines.iteration} {$line|escape:'html'}
{include file='footer.tpl'}