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+IoT Control Center
+IoT JSON comunication protocol via MQTT broker.
+In november 2016 I wanted to remote control and automate some tasks like watering my greenhouse, turn off/on lights/heating on a country house.
+I was playing with Arduino/ESP8266/Raspberry Pi for some time now and I started thinking and researching a way to do it. After a few days I decided to use a combination of Raspberry Pi as a server with a MQTT broker and NodeMCU.
+I had in mind a JSON based protocol for communication via MQTT. Then I searched the net to see it this was done before and I found IoT Manager. I tried it for a few days for night heating my two dogs.
+I had a few problems with it and decided to build my own control center with ideas like :
+- web compatibile. I wanted to be able to use it in a browser
+- TODO: build for it an Electron shell
+- TODO: iOS and Android progressive web apps
+- use an opensource interface. I tried a few, but I decided to use AdminLTE with OnsenUI components
+- templatable widgets
+- TODO:anyone to be able to use external CSS/JS/templates/images for widgets
+- all open control interfaces to show the same data/statuses without the need for refresh
+- TODO: create `scenarios` based on IoT data. if sensor1Temp < 10 then turn on heat
+- TODO: use NodeRed to create scenarios/notifications
+How it works (WIP) :
+IoT CC subscribes to
+    /iotcc/+/+/config
+    /iotcc/+/+/data
+    /iotcc/+/device
+IoT CC publishes to
+    /iotcc/device - {"clientId": "{clientId}"}
+IoT devices subscribe to
+    /iotcc/+/+/data
+    /iotcc/device
+IoT devices publish to :
+    /iotcc/+/device - {"name":"House heating 1","desc":"", "pages" : [{"pageId" : 10, "pageName" : "House heating", "icon": "ion-ios-home"}]}
+    /iotcc/+/+/config - {"pageName": "House heating", "pageId": 10, "widget":"radios", "title":"Hollway Heater", "topic":"/iotcc/heater1/heater", "options":[{"checked":true, "label": "Off", "status":"1"}, {"label": "Confort", "status":"2"}, {"label": "Anti freeze", "status":"3"}, {"label": "Confort -2", "status":"4"}], "template": "template-3", "icon": "ion-ios-home", "bgcolor": "bg-blue", "order": 40}
+    /iotcc/+/+/data - {"status":"{status}"}
+### Desktop interface (WIP)
+![Alt text](/screenshots/desktop.png?raw=true "Desktop interface")
+### Mobile interface (WIP)
+![Alt text](/screenshots/mobile.png?raw=true "Mobile interface")

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